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Sparkles of Life

Friday, March 30, 2007

happy times

oh btw, forgot

haha today wasnt all dat bad lah..

finally had my sake martini after work! n haha no!! i'm not alcoholic!! N e food is really goood lah!! so yummy!! really love it so much!!

n yes i am gonna inherit dua tao's gortex... can save money $_$

haha I am so lookiing forward to having my own gortex! I had come to realise its useful purposes since aspire n yes cant wait to have my own one. It's gonna b so big that it'll probly be like a trench coat for me. but never mind you see, it's soooo cool i feel! haha, like how aaron wears one in aspire. heh now i can go camping without fear of ever being wet or cold if i am ever caught in the rain.

groaning in pain

5 Things about uni application:

5) can spare me all these? lol!! if onli there's an easier system

oh well... i was assigned a fantastic job at work, so i had been busy working y guts out on the 12th floor.. away frm my cute lil 'family' on the 11th floor for the whole of this week alr!!! sigh...

I was told to do filing and guess wat.. I had a shock of my life when i saw the stacks on Monday... delwin wasn't exaggerating at all!! It's REALLY mountains of documents to file... I take my hats off em really... how can they even bear to let such a great volume of documents to pile up!!! don't they every feel e urge to file? oh yes they do... now they have the urge and they just pick poor me to do it for em. No worries mdm, maria will do a good job n perform magic for u. by this week u will not see the stack anymore... n yes at e expense of my back!!!

oh gosh... my neck n back ache sooo much! all the filing... all the retrieving of heavy files n shoving em back into the higher shelves... all the carrying of heavy loads... gosh i am a temp staff nt a worker hello? n boy... those man in their shirts n ties r so useless! I really on't understand how can they just walk past me without offering help. perhaps i really look like wonder woman to em. woah... so much faith in me sia.

watever.. my tail bone n neck really hurt so much that I can't even sneeze or laugh hard.. cos it hurts. n no joke man... i am not exaggerating here... sigh off to bed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


uni application is scarryyyyy...

haha at least one down now... applied for ntu alr. nxt up nus n smu... sigh... cant wait to get all these over n done with.

caused me so much stressss n emo moments....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

busy busy busy day

today was such a hectic day! haha but fun still. Went to help out with scouts today for their orienteering activity at the cemmetry and I really truly had a good work out today. Gosh, walking under such sultry weather is really no joke. I can feel my energy dissipating with every drop of sweat that I perspire and my walked as though i had shackles around my ankles. LOL

but all in all, it feels good to be able to help these younger brothers out and to teach them new things that they do not know. Guess it feels good to know that you are useful and that you know things that others don't and thus have the priviledge of sharing with them.

Right after scouts, i had to rush off to help be marilyn's model for her makeup exam. I was changed to be her day bride instead of the evening one because of some dress problem. Contrary to what I had thought, I really enjoyed myself there. Marilyn is really quite good for a new learner! Thanks gal I reaally like the look you gave me. haha the bride look isnt like the conventional one. Instead, Marilyn had chose to dust a very thin layer of pink eye shadow followed by pearl dust over the upper lid of my eyes. She then stuck tiny beads of pearls onto the lower lid annd the upper lid on the other eye. So it's less boring and looks funky! n nope no worries.. the bride look is still there. very sweet look. *ahem* thanks to makeup! Oh the phototaking session was really cool too. I was so filled with jittery when i first enter the room but the photograper is really friendly and helpful so I kind off loosen up a bit. Oh and he would teach you how to pose for the photos as well. haha

ok after this, I rushed straight down for cell. We had a very fruitful sharing session followed by the 1st man-and-woman session. today's message was really cool. and i felt that God has once again proved His faithfulness to me because the message today was so relevant to me! It's about letting go of our trashes in life that had make our hearts so cluttered till there isn't space for Him. My trash would be my grades. Like Hannah in 1 Sam. , I had been so obsessed w my desire for good grades that I hv been sadden for a very long time. I am also blinded by it to the point that I had missed out on the otheer areas that God had blessed me with.

Everything was so fine and happpy but you spoil it yeah. sigh uni application never fails to make me sad. n to you I'm sorry I really am in no mood to talk. U're bored but I am sad. n your exhortation package doesn't work. don't try to comfort me or analyse my situation in hope that you are making me feel better cos you just tore my wound apart.

sigh... i am such a trash collector... mayb i would hv a bright future as the rubbish collector lah... not bad lah everyday jus hop on the rubbish track n go ard help ppl collect their rubbish... meaningful job.

Friday, March 23, 2007

cemmetry reccee n random thots

Before i forget, let's first talk about the random thoughts that i had on the train ride home. Haha I'm finding train rides more and more inspirational these days... seems like all the poems and deep thoughts will surface during train rides.

anyway zhin was asking and i was wondering too about why is it that people who are non-believer can also be high flyer in life? It's like we do not really need God? haha i've been struggling with that thought too! n God is indeed faithful to me and I got my answer during my train ride home. It's like we are all made differently thus even though we all have this empty hole in life, this emptiness and feeling of helplessness that only God can fill, this hole is present in different places for different people. We are all different and so we are vulnerable in different ways. For those high flyers, perhaps their stumbling block is on other non-material aspects we never know. okie enuf enuf movin on.

wow the reccee turned out to be quite a work out because the route planned was zig-zag. thks alot to our senior!! gosh and we had to walk the same route again on sat with the scouts under the hot sun. crazy. haha sometimes i really think i lead a crazy life doing crazy things. but some how these crazy things have a charm to it.

well the cemmetry or rather ex-cemmetry is not as creepy as i thought. it's very open and bright, so yeah it's not scary at all. except that my senior just have to comment that the grounds are like golf course and the undulation would meant that those are the areas where the tombs are previously... quite creepy actually if you think about it as you take the next step. =S

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fight on!!

Ok this is going to be a super duper long post. Not supposed to be emo but to think deeper into issues and to motivate myself and you who’s reading this n have the patience to follow through.

Time and again as I looked back into my life, I have failed myself. Yes, over and over again the same scene repeats like a spoilt cassette tape repeating the same sad chorus over and over again. All I see are instances whereby the best effort put doesn’t pay off, where I fall short of that bar. People say it’s ok because what matters the most is the process and that you learn things through the process and from the outcome. You have done your best so that is all that matters. No regrets. But let us ask ourselves, is it true? Is it truly so that you don’t have any regrets?

It is so painful to know that it’s your best and it still isn’t enough. Is your best really just like that? Is there any more that can be squeezed out of me? I really can not stand this feeling of being defeated by life. I don’t want it to be so. Yet time again I just proved to myself that it is so. I can not seem to better my previous record.

Then again, does prayers truly work I start to question? God meant us all to be successful in life. Everything in His time and His definition. However, His definition differs from how society defines success. Our society is sick and obsessed with the end product. Then again it makes sense too actually to define success by the end product because there is not other way to track successes. There is no way to indicate success by evaluating on the process right? Saying that the society is sick is probably a sour grape syndrome of mine.

We all have different gifts and talents, thus we excel in different areas but are we given equal platform to perform in the individual areas so that we can all be winners in life? Why is it that others can do things so well but I can not?

But anyway God has time and again showed me too that He does answer prayers even silly little prayers like getting a cab soon when I’m running late for work and also when I do not have enough money for a bus ride and the driver just top up the remaining amount and granted me the ride home.

He is our loving Father that I am certain. And He is ever faithful to me because He is always there to prompt me when I start to waver or question. Perhaps it’s really like what Jaime said we should believe that God can give us a miracle. Such is the power of prayer from a faithful servant who believes with great conviction, a miracle will happen. Ok someone of you maybe sceptical about all this including myself. In face of all these repeated setbacks, I can’t help but ask how is this sort of life a glory to you Lord? I failed over and over again. Then I realise, I have been in control for too long. I had always been the one planning out my own life. God, just like what Jaime shared, you had been my co-pilot. But my own strength is so limited, so limited that however hard I try, I always fail. I didn’t realise till lately during quiet time that I had all along tried to be the Almighty. Of cause I failed so badly. I guess the joy of knowing you is that I can rely on your strength. What happened in the past is truly a testimony to why God is needed in our life. Without Him, our best effort is still not enough. So yes I shall be the co-pilot and let Him be my pilot.

Perhaps the answer to all this is to have a little more faith in Him and like wat dua tao says, ‘HEADS UP!’. We’re all meant to be winners! God made us in His likeness and since God is not a loser, no one is meant to be a loser. So fight on!!

New Look!

After battling with all the commands for hours!!!

Finally, here it is. a new look for my infant blog. Less of an eye sore n more mature looking? heex love u my darling!

so pretty! ok enuf... didnt mean to b bhb. =p


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

极速坠落, 我跌入谷底


一切暗了,静了, 无声无息了

Monday, March 19, 2007

taste of being a make-over artist

heex today was fun. met up with marilyn and it's really nice to just talk annd catch up with your old friend. did a little shopping before she came over to see what she can borrow from my wardrobe for her make-up course exam.

it's really so cool to mix and match clothes that will complement the look that she is creating with make-up. felt like some sort of a fashion consultant! haha i was kind of shocked today at the amount of clothes and acessories i owned. Never realised that i had so much stuff with me till just now when we had to fold that whole mountain (ok mayb just a small hill) of clothes and put them back to the cupboard and wardrobe after she had picked out the ones that she wanted to borrow. Oh gosh... and my accessories too. I didn't know i had that much too haha... enough for her to borrow a long list of items from me.

n haha we so so darn lame... we actually wrote out a IOU to track the items borrowed. so gal can i charge u an interest too? like all the faux diamonds become real ones? haha joking.

espisode 2: massacre of the sheep

A usual working day…
The sheep munched their freshly picked grass for breakfast and gathered at each other’s work desk to chit-chat before starting their work. Young and playful, they love to talk to one another every now and then, as a form of break from their mundane work which were handed to them because they were simply so tedious that the other senior workers dreaded doing them themselves. The sheep also love to write memos to their friends outside the factory as they work to de—stress and to brighten up their dull working life.

However, their attitude towards work was unquestionable. They were responsible and would make sure that the work handed to them were done before the deadline and that they were of standard and quality. They were even rewarded some extra tasty grass from the horses (one of the senior workers) because they did such a wonderful job for them. The sheep gathered to share their grasses which drew the attention of the pigs who came over to ask what was going on. (Perhaps it’s a farewell party for someone?)

The sheep would also gather at a sheep’s table before going off for lunch at noon sharp except for some days when they were all done with their jobs and they would just gather slightly earlier to discuss where to go for lunch.

A usual working day…
The pigs love to talk to one another regarding their experiences at some promotional events for their newly launched model of massaging chairs as they work. Being professional, they would often carry out surveys and gather feedbacks from customers about their massaging chairs. They would rejoice and snort loudly whenever a pleasant comment was given by the public, but would react badly when it was a criticism. Since the pigs are so professional, any criticism would be seen by them as an insult to their professionalism and thus the pigs would hurl nasty comments about the level of intelligence of the person who had criticized (does he even have a brain?)

United and strong in team spirited, they too love to gather at each others’ tables and sometimes even the sheep’s tables to discuss and chit-chat about things like where to go for a walk to give their pretty much clogged up arteries and hearts a little more work out. They snorted excitedly and the whole work place reverberated with their voices which also drowned the voices of the customers on the telephones whom the sheep had to call up to check out their orders.

After a morning of hard work, the pigs would leave early for lunch every once in a while too to reward themselves, and they too would write memos to people outside the factory.

Being morally upright and righteous, the pigs felt that they had a duty in teaching the sheep the correct work ethics. They could not stand the sheep’s habit of talking to one another and sending memos to friends outside the factory during working hours. They also could not tolerate the volume and the amount of noise that the sheep were making. Not to mention, their early gathering for lunch and the open celebration and sharing of the tasty grass rewarded to them, for in their eyes, the sheep did not even deserve to be rewarded. They were a bunch of idiotic youngsters who disrupted their peaceful working life with all their noise and nonsense.

And so they decided to complain and report consistently to the supervisor of the sheep about their misbehaviours. The pigs whined and complained about the sheep’s late coming for work, early discussion for lunch, constant idling and chit-chatting, sending of memos to pals, celebrating etc.

Among the pigs was a wild boar. The blackest wild boar in the village. Being the most righteous of all, she decided to come down harsh on the sheep but always in a subtle manner. No direct confrontation for she believes in peace. She would show extra care and concern about what the sheep were doing (peering discreetly at the sheep’s table to see what she is doing) and just simply inform the supervisors about the situation that she observed. No direct confrontation she believes, thus she never raise a brow or show any displeasures. Instead, she would smile and asked what was going on. Once, a sheep placed 2 sets of sales accounts onto her table which later went missing, but being patient and kind (peace-believer!) she still decided to let the matter rest after a few rounds of screaming at the sheep to search for it when the accounts were obviously not at her work place anymore and later reporting to the supervisor that the sheep had ‘misplaced’ her accounts.

However, among all the eye sores, there was a particular sheep that caught the eye of the wild boar. Young and filled with confidence and efficiency in work, the wild boar was pleased and in love with this ‘handsome’ young fellow…

Saturday, March 17, 2007


singing after work with pochacco and dua tao last night was so uber fun! Well i was really high-spirited cos I was in my top condition i would say! hahaha manage to hit all the high notes and i didn't sound weak either despite a developing sore throat. heh. sang all the songs that i had been dying to sing recently.

my gosh. I know this sounds damn super thick skin but haha i am so in love with my own voice. well not all the time but when you are in top condition. heh really enjoy singing when you do not sound like a cranky old violin squeeking those high notes up. okie gonna get my hair trim before the e-filing session starts. oh gosh i so do not understand how the system works! crap. i really don't understand how can they ask a group of youngster to volunteer when they themselves do not even have tax to be filed. The training session shd hv been divided into 2 groups and not lump us together with the adults who are already experienced in filing their own tax. so confusing for us!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a seemingly peaceful little village called melody of euphoria there live a great number of animals. Among all the families of animals, was a great united family of pigs. Being recognised by the Village Head as the most morally upright family and of noble descend, the pig family was both influential and wealthy.

They had a multi-village corporation (MVCs) selling massaging chairs of the brand ‘OHsin’. In the heart of the village sits their OHsin factory, which offered the villagers job opportunities and a source of income. Amongst the many workers were this herd of sheep. Young and ignorant, they were drawn to the job by the prospect of earning their own pocket money. Never did they realise just how meritocracy truly work. Because of their low academic qualifications, they were banished to being the lowest life forms in the factory- a vicious cycle that could not be broken. The low lying forms would remain as the sediment of the society, unable to upgrade their skills and unable to climb higher. They were already labelled and thus denied of chance as they were not placed in position where they were given opportunities to perform. But anyway, this is beside the story.

The herd of sheep became good friends as they stand united to defend whatever little right that they barely had. They worked hard and found joy in each others’ companionship. A generally bubbly and diligent bunch, they gained recognition and were rewarded with treats for their contribution by the other fellow senior workers. Everyone including the pigs treated them reasonably well despite their low rank in the factory hierarchy.

The pigs working in the factory were the extended family of the royal pig family, but despite their high social status, they were never snobbish or rather they did not appear to be so. Just like all the other members of the pig family in the village, they took pride in their squeakily clean righteous image, and worked hard to maintain it. They saw themselves as the integrity and moral value police, always trying to spot the character flaws of others and trying to bring justice upon them.

<< nxt episode: the massacre of the sheeps >>

Thursday, March 15, 2007


heh. after much struggles n thoughts, guess i have finally succumb to temptation and here it is! MY blog!! hahaha. well always did not see a point in sharing my personal life with others, but haha i got kind of inspired by people and yes i want to write too!

not so much as to pour out my entire life stories here but to share some of my thoughts and feelings. not so much for others to read or comprehend but just as a channel for myself to spend a lil time with myself!

okie 1st post shall be a happy one! n indeed it had been a happy day today! Had a game of table tennis during lunch time today and it felt really good and refreshing. Old memories of my training days just came flooding over my mind, but this time not the pain and hardship but the thrill and excitement that i felt with my team mates. haha all the training had just numbed me to the point that i forgot that simple joy of playing the game. all in all it feels great to hear that familiar beat of the orange ball, to feel the wooden handle in your grip. heh =))

well though it's already like days since my big day, haha i am still basking in the blissful feeling of being pampered by friends!Thank you Lord for sending these people into my life! okie! that's all for my 1st post! From now on, i can have more emo posts! haha