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Monday, January 28, 2008

freaky and eww

woke up this morning with a cut on my palm. quite scary cos i didnt cut myself at all yesterday. up till the time i roll onto my bed... i didnt cut myself. my fleshy palm still intact. this morning, while i was about to wash my face, i was so stunned to see a cut on my palm. quite deep and painful under water. so freaky lah! i think i must be the first person to cut herself in her sleep. but like how?? with my own pillow? bloster? blanket?? or did i scratch myself? bit myself? orrrr SOMEONE cut me while i'm sleeping??!


anyway i had the worse lunch today. Was soooo happily eating my pandan leaf chicken from the thai restaurant we went to for dinner last night. Took my 1st bite, den 2nd. To my horror and great disgust, i saw this fried cockroach-like bug. slight mangled body embedded in my chicken. WAH LAU AYE. i noe crawlies are like delicacy in thailand. but alamak don't have to serve them to me hidden in chicken mah rite? liddat how to eat?! i know i ate bamboo worm in thailand lah... but i am not ready to eat cockroach. EWWW...


I really have a strange affinity with roaches. tested and proven.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

'driver' and mr roach

4th lesson of golf is really really demanding. Changed club today to the longest and biggest one- the driver. OH MY GOODNESS. it's not called a driver for nothing. this stupid rod is hella hard to manage and it really DRIVES u crazy.

The slightest mistake like you accidentally allow your hands to take over n wack the ball instead of the using the golf swing would result in air ball. FRUSTRATING. And the slightest mistake in the angle at which you strike the ball would be amplified a zillion times. Worse, i struck the divider of the 'lanes' with a resounding 'THUD' by mistake 5 times!! oh my... i was sooo embarrassed.

And i really really adhorred trans-island bus!! MY GOODNESS. whether is it takin 61 from school or 188 from bukit batok back home, i almost ways get to encounter mr roach or other bugs. EWWWW... I have no idea why man. But i really seem to haave this great affinity with them. 70% of the time, i will encounter them on the bus. SICK.

Tonight was the worse. Took 188 to home, from outside the club at bukit batok after golf and guess what? MY goodness. it's really roach ultimatum!! 5 COCKROACHES on a bus!!! ALL near me!!! AHHHHH. when the 1st 2 baby cockroaches came to my sight, i told myself to stay calm and keep my feet in the air so that they dun crawl onto me. Then I saw the empty seat behind is no longer empty but occupied by another mr roach. AHHH. And then on the opposite side of the aisle, was another one crawling around on the floor. my goodness. And finally the big fat one near my seat was the last straw.

I didnt bother about inccurring the bus fare for nothing, and just got down. And i didnt even know where i got down at. Don't even know the way around. But thankfully, there's the MRT train track to follow. So i decided to walk down following the train track and hoping to end up at a train station.

So i walked, with my back and arms aching from golf (stewpid driver) and all the barang barang i had to lug. my tian. I was soo happy when i realised i reach clementi interchange man! And i happily took my clean 166 home. sigh.

By the way, I was invited to the NRR meeting today to share about Humanitarian Affairs. Really glad my hard work paid off. the videos screened were impactful and the audience were really blown off by it. And i think ring of power does work man. Haha felt that my presentation today was more powerful then usual. And good job for liz too. She didnt have as much time to prepare as me. Having seen the slides only this morning and only that bit of time to think of wat to say.

Yes this is why i have to lug soooo many things. My uniform, my lap top, my barang barang, and liz's uniform and shoes (cos she's attending dinner n dance so being nice i help her bring her stuff home). Who can predict that I will be defeated by 5 cockroaches? GRR

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Never forget

Never forget babe, this moment of euphoria.

this moment when you trusted.

this moment of belief, of determination and focuse.

Nothing can put u down anymore.

NLP and golf

ok i havent like blogged for donkey days. haha wanted to blog but just sso shag everyday and so busy.

Anyway, I have started to learn golf!! yay! Have gone thru like 3 classes so far. 1st class is on 15/1/08 :)
Really starting to enjoy this game. The whole swing of the golf club. that feeling of 'seh-ness' haha really quite addictive. looking forward to my 4th lesson which the coach promise to be even more fun and where people will truly fall in love with this sport. :)

Anyway, i had a very very very refreshing and motivational weekend. Really many many many heartfelt thanks to Alex who arranged for the neuro linguistic workshop for us all. It's really so beneficial!!

After being an emo kid for like close to a year, it really feels soooo liberating!! to be FINALLY freed from all the lies and deceits of the society. The life coach is really really awesome too. The workshop has this really positive, motivational and very very emotionally up-lifting atmosphere. Makes u feel so comfortable with yourself.

Truly, this weekend has made a positive impact on me.

I have learnt more about enhancing my communication skills with others by reading others through eye cues and building rapport with others by mirroring subtly their body languages, about my representative system and how i learn best and how to communicate to the respective types of people, about my personality types and how to relate better to other personality types. Exercises like the perception positing exercise is really a handy tool in life for us to resolve all the conflicts of our heart.

But most of all, through writing my owwn eulogy i realised that i do love myself afterall. Being an emo kid, i thought i really hated myself. But as i write, it daunts on me that the fact that i harbour dreams for myself shows that i do believe in myself still and most of all i do love myself. Emo-ness sometimes really distort the way we see of ourselves. Anyway apart from this emotional exercise, the ring of power exercise as well as the last item of the workshop is really my biggest take away.

Truly, wat we perceive is wat is real. As i was talkin to my cousin yesterday, our society has been feedin us the wrong information and values since our childhood. The notion that if you fail in your studies, then you're good for nothing. the notion that if you stumble, then you're just a failure and loser. Our society is soooo elitist that it leave no room for anything other than the best, the creme of the crop. What rubbish. Pure nonsense! bulllshit! this is wat the world wannna psycho us into believing. This makes it alll the more important for we to know and to let others know that it's really not true!

The reframing exercise over the weekend is really inspirational. There is really no such thing as failure. We fail when we think we really fail. if not it's just a continuoues journey and process towards succeed. And indeed, failures are just gonna make my success all the more sweeter! Aww.. how sweet. haha. As we know that all these are bullshit, and that we're not failures so why should we act like a bunch of losers? No need to!! We're all winners in life.

Heck the world. I only have my Lord to answer to. And myself to not let down. So c'mon babe! All things positivie!! the Lord wants for us to find love , joy and peace in life! not frustration and stress. Let's not be weary anymore. And think positively.

The Law of attraction is also really encouraging. To me i think it's just all about positive thinking and the power of optimism. If you view all things as so beautiful, and not doubt anything, only then will you not restrict your own potential and box yourself up. So yes. let's alll be optimistic once more. it's not naive or ignorance. it's about empowering your mind with the courage to move ahead, to do what the Lord has called upon you to do.

So yupz, it is really so refreshing for me. To feel like i am borned again. that i am not a loser. Christ didnt want annyone to be loser. it is not meant to be so why shd it be? it's not to be so. We're all winners. As for grace vs. strive? Didnt the Lord teach us to have that spirit of excellence? that's it. we should strive to do our best, and leave it all to Him. His grace will see us through the process to reap the fruit of our labour.

Yupz, from now on everyday is a beautiful day. And i wanna start each day with a self-encouraging smile. To myself, JIA YOU!

for the coming cny, haha i really wanna go off to some where quiet and avoid all the visiting. Not to run away from my situation and circumstance, but to take time off to assimilate what i have learnt further and also to prevent others from crumblin all the effort that i have put in.

Anyway LOVE JOY PEACE. Smile cos everyday is beautiful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

deeep deep inside

how shall i start? haha kinda emo-ed a tad bit last night. thinking and searching...

i think i really detest living in this secular world? alot of conflicting ideas...yet we are to stand firm. No wonder they say on my baptism to fight valiantly the battle of faith. it takes courage and determination indeed to be able to stand firm in faith, when the world seem to just spin in the exact opposite direction as your beliefs. makes me wanna run away. run and hide. makes me feel like being a nun.

there's this thg i see in all high achievers. this very raffles trademark feel. they all exudes this air.. this thg abtt em. they seem to share this common trait i see. some mental capacity and attitude. this absolute belief in themselves and their ability. this feel that as long as u strive u will get. this no holding back, no reservation attitude, to go ALL out for what they dream. No fears or doubts at all.

I always envy people whom i find beholding such trait. This trait that i seem to lack. It always make me feel so inferior. And i don't like this sense of inferiority and insecurity. I hope to have this. yet somehow a voice inside me warn me against it too. It seems so good and bad at the same time.

I envy this trait yet at the same time disagree with it and even detest ppl w it. nnot out of jealousy abut cos somehow there seem to be something morally wrong about it.

so wat's wrong w being determine, to have self confidence and belief in your own ability? and to achieve everything through sheer grit, what's wrong w that?

i cant pin point exactly also. it seems like a very self centered idea. very individualistic. and i don't believe either in sheer grit. nothing can be achieved unless God grant it to me. sheer grit brings me no way. tested and proven. and hate it when ppl believe that sheer grit will bring them to where they want. and time again it did happen that way for them. sheer grit n u get it. And God just disappear from the picture so easily. But it's not true and not meant to be so.

and i cant help feeling like a loser. always falling short of that bar. lacking that sheer grit. the thing i want n yet fear as well. cant express my thoughts. it's like being robbed of a voice. just cant articulate. And no one to share with either. cos i cant even express it. muted, everyone else seem to disappear.

I really don't like it when people say, when you're down you've got frenz. true and not true. in my experience, it doesnt make much of a difference. i cant tell anyone of wat i feel. neither can anyone truly comprehend u. and worse when people just dont share the same idea and faith as you. it makes u feel so muted that you just wanna retreat further. so everyone really, frenz or no frenz wat's e difference? ok lah perhaps you can have people to drown in your sorrow? yeah.

friends can only help u w the physical part. by physically being there for u. but for the emotional department? everyone is alone. and we have to deal with it alone. No one can help us. Except Him. Our soul mate. The One who truly loves and understands us.

it's always times like these, problems like this, issue that strikes so deep in your heart that brings you to your knees. so deep you cant even articulate. yet He's just a prayer away.

friends can try to give u advice, cheer u up. But sometimes, you just wanna hear some really solid and good advice and words. not of secular reasoning. because our reasoning r just so bad and insufficient. I want a Godly friend who truly understands me, who can share my woes, shed some light. And i realise, there won't be any of the people who can make it. Because there can onli be Him. my benchmark. my prince.

I realise i do have a Godly friend. a Prince. that's just God himself. Jesus, my Prince.

the world is just so self centered. self oriented. don't like the strive n with sheer grit u can reach there all by yourself mentality. e high achiever mantra. hate it that i felt like a loser most of e time. hate it that i am so insecure at times due to worldy views penetrating my mind.

i wanna guard my heart more now. to know my Prince more. love the book that Liz gave me. 'Strengthening yourself in the Lord'. How useful and of pertinence. Very very edifying book. very helpful.

sounds like i wanna be a nun? actually i dun see it being any bad too. used to think how awfully lonely it would be. But so not true. To share their love and God's love with the mass, the people. How great that is. And besides, as girls, we're all married to our Prince anyway.

Jesus, to quote my lecturer's words " my love my life my organs". haha.

Don't worry, i say say only. Don't think i am prepared and qualified to be a nun. haha. with my current screwed up life style, i can forget the idea. haha

jussypok's 22

monday 14/1/08

It was justin's 22nd birthday. oh my goodness. how old lah. n thkin of which i'm turning 20 soon too. AHHH no want!! NO NO NO. someone pls stop the time?

Ok lah, anyway phew luckily everythg all went well. Max's and I's op plan haha. We were like really pro lah. The night before we still went throught the op plan again, and reminded each other to pray over the success of the execution. It kinda flopped a little when the bdae boy spotted Max at the station. Argh but luckily, God is good. The bdae boy is still surprised, much to the organisers' delight.

Thanks to this lil mini organisation, i guess i get to noe max n xiao feng even more n feel quite a fair bit closer n less shy ba.

And i am gettin better at bdae surprises i thk. Less stress now. And more able to handle any 'emergency' haha. Oh well, glad jussypok loved his birthday surprise, dinner and present. not exactly pocket friendly but oh well. :)

Happy birthday jussypok!


Here I am, Oh God
I bring this sacrifice--my open heart.
I offer up my life.
I look to You, Lord
Your love that never ends
Restores me again

So I lift my eyes to you, Lord
In Your strength will I break through, Lord
Touch me now, let your love fall down on me
And I will be complete in You.

Here I am, Oh God
I bring this sacrifice--my open heart.
I offer up my life.

I look to You, Lord.
Your love that never ends
Restores me again

So I lift my eyes to you Lord
And by faith, I will walk on, Lord
Then I'll see beyond my calvary one day,
And I will be complete in..

I look to You, Lord
Your love that never ends
Restores me again

So I lift my eyes to you Lord
In your strength will I break through Lord
Touch me now, let your love fall down on me
I know your love dispels all my fears.

Through the storm I will hold on Lord
And I pray I will hold on, Lord
Then I'll see beyond my calvary one day
And I will be complete in
I will be complete in
I will be complete in You

Saturday, January 12, 2008

new hair-do and Girls' night out

What happens when u make a $170 mistake with your hair and cny is approaching and the whole world including yourself think your hair sux? You incur a painful cost of $260 to rectify the problem and an inch loss of hair. Darn.

So i couldnt stand 'savouring' my $170 'curls' anymore. it's messy and tangly and unruly. a hassle to manage. And so i went all the way down to wheel lock to give the korean hair saloon a try. Again, it wasnt wat i expected. The guy said SOFT rebond, and showed me the picture of straight but slightly toussled hair. u noe those korean actresses sort? YAH. so i decided to go ahead. THEN the final product look veryy much like a normal rebond that i can get at a much cheaper price. DAMN.

But ok lah. korean technology. watever. ok lah the hair turned out fine. very soft n silky. and definitely NOT dry. quite good lah actly. cos usually rebond will oso damage the hair and make it dry n crispy (not as bad as perm). so this one is good. and according to him wash a few more times and it will be fine. Ok lor. Then i got my hair trimmed as well. Got to cut off all the ruined dead beyond cure ends. so yah lah,bye bye to split spoilt ends. Quite like this shorter hair length too. Tempted to snip it further. Shd i?

ok so now i look like this. yes yes bhb but this is my blog too bad. $260 mah.. so must show off...

And last night was Girls' Night out again. This time w sarah and sam WOOHOO. lots of interesting stories from em about their lives in australia.. *wahh... droolz* haha.

Though it started pouring like an hour before we were supposed to meet, God is good. The rain stopped when we all reached cityhall so it was timbre HERE WE COME! yes good food, great ambience, fabulous live band. Yeah the night rocks.

And after that was an impromptu clubbing session. Totally unplanned and spontaneous. Hadnt club in a long time. Ok lah.. my legs r stil achin today. old le. And ok lor.. think i am slowly growwing out of the clubbin thg... it was quite fun at times, and just ok at times.. and the pack of wolves constantly encircling us is just a pain. Totally a pain.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

my cute lil dad

My dad is really cute. Everytime he comes back from overseas, he would try to surprise me with lil gifts that he thought i would like. Ok lah. previous rounds not too bad. Perfumes, Dior Traveller's cosmetic set, earrings, necklaces.

This time round he brought this. totally unexpected. totally refreshin. it blew my mind. literally.

Who would think of swarovski earphones?! When i said, ' harh?! for wat?'. He said, " Bling bling :)'. He really meant it some more. with his sincere smile. He really thought that a set of bling bling earphones would appeal to me. Ok lah. After looking at it somemore i think they're quite cute lah but that's cos my dad is cute lah.

Then i said, ' but if u wanna buy me swarovski, can buy earring or necklace mah..'
He said, ' i don't noe wat kind u like for those.'

Ok lah true. But swarovski earphones r HEAVY. will slip out of my ears. But ok lah i shalll use then! Daddy looked kinda disapppointed when he saw me packing them back into the box ready to keep, and he asked why and i told him 'not practical'. OK practical or not, i shall use them. Bling bling :)

Oh and my dad brought back 2 calligraphy brushes that looks more like a broom stick. HUGE

Notice it's as tall as my chair.

As u see, one of them is cracked. Reminds me of those martial art novels lor. Those heroes with their super power inner strength. My dad cracked it while writing with it by the way. Like how to acheive that?!

Oh n my dad saw my hair. His comment? perfect. candid. splendid. well done girl. u had a good hair-do.

He said, " Wah! How come look like broom?? Must re-do lah. if not how to celebrate new year?"


hair perm and other happy times

Had my hair permed finally. Have been wishing, wanting, dreaming, drooling over those long soft loose curls that you always see those korean actresses sport for a long long time. And FINALLY on last saturday (5/1/08) i went to do it!! At Jean Yip. Costed me a HUGE bomb. $170 for hair perm. and the stewpid $88 for treatment which didnt really help. So with such a big sum of money, one would expect a really really FANTASTIC job, but the turn out boohoo was a total flop. FAR CRY from even NEARING the level of GOOD. PUI!

My poor hair, once soft and smooth (ok lah relatively smooth), became FRIED, CHARRED, DRIED, DEHYDRATED, FRIZZY, UNKEMPT, UNRULY, UNSIGHTLY, MESSY. ARGHHHHH. Help *pout*

Someone please rescue my hair. Ok lah but it's kind of better now. less fried. After DAYS of intensive moisturising from me!! it look less fried but AT THE EXPENSE of the curls. it's like almost 3/4 gone. DEFLATED, CHUI-ED, FLACCID, PLASMOLYSED, UNCURL-LIKE. Now it just look like wat my frenz in sch said, 'huh? u got perm meh? oh yah.. maybe have. but look like just abit frizzy'. DAMN. so now it's just frizz and not perm. ARGH *pout some more*

But wat to do? suck thumb. paid so much liao. so i shall just 'savour' this new UNKEMPT STYLE for while more. Untidy hair is a trend now ok! so yah. shall wait for a while more den i shall go n hop to another saloon and do a KOREAN STRAIGHT PERM. yes. i dun trust other lau-pok technology anymore. Want a hair perm that look like those KOREAN actresses? Of cos no shortcut lah! must go get a KOREAN hair perm with their imported technology. So yes Ji Won here i come!! Help me unfried my hair please!

OK lah hair aside, saturday the day i fried my hair, went down to have a farewell tea for shamir with liz, jia jun and of cos shamir. Ate and talked cock. Ordered 5 shots of vodka for him which he downed like water. yeah man that's e way to go!

See pictures! and u can see my fried hair.

At night was investiture followed by an intense After Action Review. Went home at 4 am. *flopped onto my bed*

Then came sunday. busy lil sunday! Went down to the idp fair in the morning. And i am so HAPPY! THE REASON WHY I AM HAPPY FROM SUNDAY UNTIL NOW. i finally HECK CARE all my concerns and reservations and JUST APPLIED!! yay! life rocks. Applied to 3 unis- UWA, UNSW, Monash.

SInce application fees are waived at the fair, i really can apply watever i want, whether i can get in or not, whether i have the money to accept shd i b offered a place or not, doesn't matter anymore. Nothing to lose. So yay! just applied. And surprisingly, this act really bring me much much joy. I think wat i seek is very simple. Just to know that i am worth something. That there are unis out there who would accept me. A form of assurance and affirmation. To boost my self-esteem. To heal my wounded ego. To give myself a chance. A chance for the campus life i longed for. the exposure that a campus will give me, and not by a private institution. a chance for exchange. for global campus-based opportunities.

Anyway, after this was confirmation class in church and then to the airport to send shamir off! And another happy reason! I finally ate my popeye. haha

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

jumping shots

just felt like doing this haha.

Jumping in Thailand

At the conference

At the airport.

Jumping in 2007/2008

i really love to jump

On the first day of new yr, i went to jog. On the second day of 2008, i went to run again too. this is what u get when you discovered a superb spot to jog to. At the end of the 'rainbow bridge', pass the club is this really scenic park. oh my how i love going there to run. It's very very breezy and the view is absolutely breath-taking.

And anyway i realised that i really LOVE to jump. especially when i am excited over something. Looking at all the photos n i realise i am always smiling when i jump. estatic smiles some more.haha. so i really LOVE to jump.

On new yr eve, i jumped. And i jumped again today. Cant get enough of it it seems. Oh n i mastered the art of taking jumping shots for people today too. Look at how artistic the shots were. :)
And i am told to give credits. haha so yah. i humbly learnt the art from Master Justin Lee.

Doesn't it remind you of meteor garden?

count down- caught on cam!

ok i've koped the photos, so here it goes :)

our chill out spot at marina at keppel bay. lovely ambience.

The lovely bridge that links from us to the lil land opposite the mainland. Looks like those scenes from overseas. Rainbow bridge from tokyo :)
A moment of highness frm us. Jumping ourselves sily.

The bunch of us who stood for 3 hours.

The final group. Joined in by Nic and Merissa.

The fireworks. The videos are better. but of cos the actual thing is the best. beyond description.

The aftermath. Sore feet after 3 hours. The 3 of us soaking our feet in the cold swimming pool.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

count down

Usually on new year's eve, i would just rot my night away at home, with the exception of a more happening last year. Went down to esplanade with my rover crew to see fireworks and caught a movie after that. But last night's one was really much bettter and thoroughly enjoyable.

To avoid the crowd and to see the best fireworks, I suggested chilling out at the bar at my club which gave us an unrestricted view of the night sky and the jewel box. So there we were last night, finally at the other side of the bridge looking over to my condo, sipping our cocktails/beers and waiting for the hour to arrive. I was really excited about going over to the club, after witnessing that lil plot of land (shd i say island?) 'grew' from nothingness to into a marina club where all the filthy rich berth their yachts and chill out.

Though the place is fully booked, we were still fortunate enough to have a standing table and the bunch of us amazingly stood for THREE hours just to see the fireworks but it was really really worth it. We really had the best view of the fireworks which is sooo awesome. And the bar is really sweet too. They got the waiter and waitresses to stand at strategic spots and fire those huge party poppers and releasing all the confetti. lovely night we had.

And one discovery. The group of us are really very good at entertaining ourselves. we can jolly well set up a chatter club. We actually had no problem at all talking all the way through the 3 hours. haha. And one discovery, guys are really even more bitchy and gossipy and chatty than girls. Not really a discovery actly. more like ascertaining the point. haha.

photos up when i koped them.

Oh my marina club is REALLY very nice.

cell retreat

28/12/07- 30/12/07

After 3 years in cell, i FINALLY made it to cell retreat this year. Goodness. haha after sooo long. wanted to go for last yr's one but couldnt bcos of my last minute decision to go for aspire and had to forgo my cell retreat. Argh. I FINALLY made it to retreat this year. And oh boy it's super duper fun. Cell retreat this year was held at the SAF yacht club. cool ships and the vast sea but yah i wasn't too excited about it b4 i go because it didnt sound as exciting as last yr's one which was held in M'sia. And so i was anticipating that it would just be spending a weekend with my cell normally. nothing too exciting. But oh my, i was soooo wrong haha.

Ok the location was even better than i thot. The room was really really spacious (fortune to be assigned to share the room with only 3 others, no need to squeeze. plenty of space) and clean. Quite hotel like. And there's even a small balcony to each room, where overlook the jetty and the sea, and you can just sit down and savour the scene before you. and oh yes lots of lovely yacht berthed at the marina. ahhhh i want a yacht. haha

ok anyway the theme for this year's retreat is discovery and devotion. And every word session, every devotion materials and even the game that we played are all so carefully and thoughtfully crafted out. It's really so amazing and i'm really very appreciative of what the comm did for us. Everyone is so well-thought about and God centered. Even the gaame is not brainless as it may appear. Lots of lessons could be drawn. And most importantly, it opens up another dimension of God to me. That God is just as fun-loving and He joins in with us in our game, just like a loving father would play with his children. All of us agreed that the game was just so magical. The game was actually just a role-playing game. Everyone of us was assigned a role to play and each role has a secret goal to accomplish. And we are all from different backgrounds etc, some of us are relatives to each other or friends or related indirectly etc, just like real life. It could have been a retarded 3 hrs of playing masak-masak, but it didnt. Something so magical just happened and allof us at different pt in time all felt the same way that we could no longer differentiate ourselves from our roles. I really feel every bit of stress, frustrations and sadness that my role felt. And playing the role of a delinquent who doesnt believe in God, I really felt the helpless in her and a deep sense of lost and confusion. Katie doesnt know what to do all the time. Her father left her, her mom is always busy at work and she's only close to her grandma that's close to going blind. She wants to turn good, yet also she wants to hang out with her best friend totto in their old ways too. So instead, money making become her focus point. And during the game, which spans about 9 days (20 mins per day), Katie is just always fixated with money.

There are several instances, whereby everything is so perfectly woven that it's really magic. It wasnt arranged that katie's mom would not see Katie but somehow, the two characters barely meet and talked at all though the game is 3 hours long and there's plenty of time but katie's mom is too caught up w work. and for 2 other characters, they just so happen to asked each other out on the last day and managed to fulfill their goals when they both had given up hope on fulfilling it. And 'faizal' got into the school team though it was supposed to be andrew (his goal is to get into sch team and has been training hard and doing well until the actual tryout), and this fufilled Liz's role's goal which is to see her son faizal gettin into the school team. how wonderful. yupz. so anyway we all really felt God's presence during the game and it was Him who had made it so real for us, that we each bring home at least a lesson that we learnt through playing our role in the game. For me, as Katie, i realised how difficult it is for someone to turn to christ. It's not easy at all. Not at all for some people. It's like Katie is really struggling yet some how she just refuses to turn to Christ, because she just couldnt and don't believe in Him. Well yupz precious lesson learnt. and i believe this is an impt message for me from God. to realise and understand the struggles of a non-believer, that it is not easy at all.

Anway word sessions and quiet time was real cool too. And we all gained a new understanding of what devotion means. devotion which is the setting apart of ourselves have to start from surrendering ourselves. Surrendering that very thing that is closest to our heart, bothering us, and becoming a barrier between God and us. It maybe a thought, an act or a thing. So the 'truco' is to : 1) make a conscious effort and decision to put that annoying thing at God's feet 2) Have faith in Him that itwill be fine 3) And with faith comes trust. Trust Him 4) And He will deliver.


And oh not to forget the lovely surprise activity. It is really an awesome surprise. the comm actually chartered for us a boat!! for us to dine onboard and self-entertain with the karaoke set. ahhh