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Monday, May 10, 2010


Home sweet home and everything that happened just felt so surreal. Good holidays always just passed too quickly. so here's Taiwan the last chapter of this exchange cum holiday.

Did nothing much except eating all day long.

queuing up for the famous soybean milk and yu tiao
one of the many lu rou fan we had
not to forget the famous xiao long baos from Ding Tai Fung
and the Shi Lin Night market which was a disappointment and thus no photos

and also the famous toilet theme restaurant

Becoming gluttons aside, we also became professionals at vegetating, indulging and just "wasting" the day away
one the many massages we had
arcade time

But we still bothered to turn on our tourist side and did some proper sight-seeing
Mustered enough cultural capacity to go visit the Zhongzhen Memorial Hall
and tourist spirit to go scale the Taipei 101
Visited the Fisherman's Wharf
And took a long train ride out as well to enjoy the Hotspring!


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