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Sparkles of Life

Monday, September 22, 2008


it's getting soooo hectic and soooo hard to blog nowadays. so wow! i'm back.

6 weeks in NUS and it felt like a sem already. Really thankful to have this recess week as breather. woohoo! re-charged re-charged!

for those who still read this blog haha here's a brief peek into what's happening of late. AHHH.

why am i so busy?
1) i've got school. tonnes of readings. mid-term is coming lalalala.... Soci, Jap language and....*drumrolls* physics. congratulation to me cos i so do not get quantum physics.

2) Korean class is moving into its 5th session soon already. wow time flies. n its really funky though getting harder. but it's exciting!i wanna learn more!!!

3) NUS voices. Yes my debut performance in school is finally over on last friday. And i have to say i really do like voices more and more. Am glad i took courage to join even though i started off being very much alone but yeah i made more and more new frenz now. and the band is AWESOMEEEE.... As for my gig, it's on youtube. vocal wise it's quite a flop. but really wanna thank my keyboardist and guitarist. they practice soo hard with me the night before. And i really really love that feeling of all working hard tgt to fulfill a goal. And it feels strange now too cos i no longer sing for the fun of it but professionally. Ah... and as i adopt this stance as a performer i see alot more flaws too.

4) church. It's still sunday school cell and cell commmitee. Just as our worship stint on the last friendship sunday was over and i can say goodbye to the extra hours of singing practice, retreat planning is kicking in soon....AHHH

5) And last saturday was my interview for the National Youth Forum. Applied and got selected for the interview. Not sure if getting in would be good. I look forward to getting in and at the same time i fear my ever more hectic schedule as well.

6) Ad Hoc. I wanna pick up drums n keyboard!! shall start with drum as my drummer fren promised. i shall pop by the band room b4 practice n learn frm him.

So, when will i be not so busy??? unlikely.... AH..... burning out quickly man.

even holidays, i've already made plans.
> Dec- either osaka homestay (if my application gets accepted)/backpacking in US
> next July- Korean summer sch prog (if there is), Mongolian Hum. trip... And... i hope for exchange. I WANNA GO EXCHANGE TO USSSSSSS.