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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

missing you

Really missing US.

or maybe it's just the people and all the fun times and laughters shared that I miss... but i really miss the sun (but far from being hot!), sea and the relaxing culture too.

gosh i sooooo miss the the slightly chilly weather, relaxing at the beach, chilling out with friends at cafe and yogurt bars, doing silly things, cooking meals together, church and just all those lovely peeps whom I left.

and i'm so gonna miss chan ik when he enlist in the army. aww~~ as he left US to return to korea, I just get reminded of the same nostalgia and sadness I felt as our car left San Diego and then finally the last night in the hotel room of LA where the months of memories just come flooding my mind and just causing my eyes to brim. I'm really a strong person but goodbyes are just exceptions.


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