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Sparkles of Life

Sunday, April 29, 2007

GCC #2

The 2nd session of our favourite GCC programme took place at Labrador park this evening. And GCC#2 saw little miss beancurd doing her 1st run after suffering from the effects of inertia for months.

Though the distance covered today fell short of last week's GCC#1, the level of enjoyment just increased ever so much more. Wei shan and I had our lil short session of golden hour (crazy moment) as we sat at the pier waiting for the sun to set and the ships to all light up as the sky darkens.

Snippets from golden hour..
wei shan: darling, look at the sea, it's as vast as my love for u...
me: honey, u hear the constant splashing of the waves? it's just like my love for u.. it's always present and constant.
wei shan: u see the ships, there's so many of them. as much as my love for u.
me: my love will never end, just as the sea never dries up.

* u can steal these lines for your upcoming proposal to you girlfriend at your own risk. we shall hold no responsibility for the outcome of the proposal. If it fails, it just that you suck because it is tested and proven that these lines are so MOVING. it moved justin so much, that he was on the edge of the pier trying to make his way to plunge into the sea of love. LOL

well, in short GCC is uber fun!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Duty to God, Duty to Others, Duty to Self

The spirit of service. Everyone knows about the spirit of service. Others before self, but when the situation arises will anyone be ever ready to exercise what they felt was their belief in life? As a scout, we all understand the meaning of Duty to God, Duty to Others and Duty to Self. All 3 are equally important and interlinked.

By helping others, we are not just fulfilling our duty to others but also our Duty to God, for it is truly what God wants us all to do. To love your neighbour and serving others is an act of love. Thus when we fulfilled these two, we would have fulfilled our duty to self too. I understood all these really well and I would say that it is my goal in life to be someone who can make a difference in the lives of others, so that in my limited capacity hopefully the world can be a tiny bit better because I lived.

I really want to serve and let service be a focus in my life. However, service is not just about those big community projects, giving up your seats to the elderly, helping a pregnant woman to carry stuff and listening out to an emo friend. It has to go beyond that. And this is when I discovered how ugly I am. Of course I know I am not perfect at all, not righteous at all. But now I am even more ashame of myself simply because I had fallen short of the true spirit of service by so much.

Just yesterday, a group of primary school boys were attempting to climb out of the school gate to retrieve their soccer ball that had rolled out of the school compound to the middle of the road. I stopped them from climbing out of the gate cause it’s so dangerous. But I had chose not to go and helped them retrieve their ball because it is simply so silly. The cars are just flying pass the ball and what if I get knock down by the car? No I don’t have that much courage to dash across the road and get the ball like dash from the incredibles. So then, desperate, one of the bigger boys ran out of the school side gate and dashed across the road to pick the ball up and dashed back to the school. Yes, I got really worried about his safety and didn’t walk off till I see him safe in one piece back into the school. But shouldn’t I be the one who go get the ball for them? I would have a better judgement than them. Even if I hadn’t gone to get the ball, after seeing the boy dashed out of the road, why didn’t I rushed out to drag him back to safety? Just because it’s for a silly cause and so I had just simply chose not to react? Ok, I am really ashamed and upset with myself. And truly like what Sherman said, what if the boy really got knocked down and died. Will I be able to bear all that guilt?

True service. Others before self. The meaning of it is so much deeper than I had thought. It seemed like I didn’t know what is service afterall. When placed in situation as such, will you be willing to give up your life even for a fool? Will I choose to react the next time? I guess after this incident, I will.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The lil simple things

It really doesnt take alot to make someone's day. Haha i realised this is truly so for me. If we all would just take a step back and watch the stories of our everyday life unfold, we will realise many heart warming moments that will turn our ordinary days into special and memorable ones! so let's start being sweet to one another!

haha. was really pretty touched when a fren gave me a bottle of blue and yellow m&m in a really cute bottle today! totally unexpected and a pleasant surprise indeed. thanks so much!!

and dinner with wei shan at lau pa sat after dance was really cool too. as we were chatting away over desert, they started playing the sound track from the movie music and lyrics, and we both jus ended up singing 'Way back into Love' haha. yes singing out loud at lau pa sat. LOL. so you see it takes so little to brighten up someone's day! be it a small pleasant surprise or just spending time with a close fren doing crazy thgs.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

GCC #1

GCC (Garang Conversion Course/Garang Crash Course) starts today. Gosh i really really really hadnt run for a very long time and oh my it is so saddening that a mere 3.2km slow jog had almost threatened to take away my life. Oh my goodness, it's like while preparing for aspire i could still handle a 4-5 km and even a swim after that, but now haha i reaally really can not run anymore.

haha I had really been slacking and just succumb to being lethargic these days. but oh well it feels good to be exercising once again and yes!!! there will be MORE GCC sessions man!!! sigh. I will toughen up ok!! i am not going to be a dao hui anymore. By the way, GCC is started because crazy me had decided to sign up for this conservatory project to take care of rhinos. Yeah, and i will be away in Malaysia for 2 weeks, with FIVE days in the jungle of Sabah. OMG... how can the dao hui jui survive if she doesnt turn herself into at least a fried tau kua?

but oh well.. i am still feeling a little apprehensive and hesistant about the trip. Not so much the fact that the bugs are going to be HUGE, with millipedes that are FAT like sausages and leeches dropping off from the tree branches, but more of fact that i will be away from home for 2 whole weeks! that will leave my parents at home alone for 2 weeks! and after i return i will be off again for another trip, and my dad wouldnt get to see me for more den 1 week again. sigh.

ok pls watch this link:
I was so inspired by it. It was so touching that i just kept crying. I really feel that everyone of us has the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of others if we can all just stop rushing around and start to be a little bit more sensitive and observant! Our little effort can make such a great difference to someone. We will never know so don't ever think that what we can do is too little or insignificant.

Filing no more

i am so glad i am done since monday this week with the filing!! the back breaking, health detrimental filing. hahaha but strangely as i sat at the old familiar donut table to do my new task, I kind of hmm... shd i say miss? yeah watever, i was just feeling a little nostalgic and amazed at e same time that i had pulled through. thkx to the help of my colleague who helped to clear so much of the docs!! haha n lil or rather big dua tao who paid me lil visits so that I would not turn autistic from all the lonely filing haha.

filing really drives u nuts.. it sends u off to la la land 1st...

den it drives u nuts.. turn u psychotic...

humpty dumpty sits on the it's humpty dumpty behind the wall of documents to b filed!

crazy ping pong

haha it was ping pong day during lunch at work today. like how mega fun! we played our crazy ping pong game once again but this time round, I didnt really play along. Guo sheng played along with Justin instead. and oh gosh... never underestimate what 2 21 yrs old guys can do. Though by right, after NS and all they should have achieved a level of maturity. but no... oh no... we are so wrong... haha they went MUCH WILDER n MADDER den me.

but oh well... dat's crazy ping pong afterall! No rules. Absolutely no rules... u don't even have to hit the table... when the ball hit outside the table, the game changes to soccer, tennis and even golf. and since we have two tables ard, haha we ought to fully utilise our resources right? so just carry on wackin the ball to the other table instead. so u can see 2 idiots running between tables and doing fakes to try to con each other to believing which table you are going to hit the ball to. HAHA. crazy game i know but really TONNES of fun.

This is not tennis... it's Crazy Ping Pong... LOL =)

anyway went to kbox with marilyn after work. YAY! haven't sang w her for donkey years! and haha she's still jus good man! i really wanna learn singing!!!!!! like really learn how to sing properly! how to express myself in songs.. hahaha. well k box session was just really really high lah.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


waiting can be seriously nerve racking. waiting for an answer to something... not gettin a definite answer. you just longed for the answer that you wanted but you never know and you dare not think of otherwise.

so you just wait and cont to wait for the answer to come. but i guess waiting is also good in the sense that there's always hope in waiting. Cos whatever the outcome is has yet become a part of reality... there's always a chance for wat u hope for to come true.

and so we cont to wait anxiously, hoping for the answer to come soon and yet at e same time hoping that it would not come so soon for fear that reality may be too harsh for our fragile soul. man are really a confused bunch.

Monday, April 16, 2007


CAUTION: This is quite funny

I was talking to wei shan this morning before we both drifted off to lalaland. As i was talking, my legs were like swinging up n down n landing on my bed, and wei shan went, 'eh someone is knocking the door...'. I stopped n listened... no one was knocking the door... so we cont with the convo and i cont swinging my legs, and again wei shan said ' neh neh neh... some one is knocking the door...' Then i realised what's gg on.. so i repeated my swinging and the soon our dear fren realised it too. =)

and so we started this conversation on our stewpid moments and our fren recalled quite a few of her stewpid moments lol..

during lunch...
Yi Zhin:' what you eat?'
Wei shan:' Lunch'

at work...when weishan is listening to her nano
justin: 'What's that?'
weishan: 'Ear piece.'

At the seasports club when kenneth asked her if she knows who hhas the keys to the locker...
kenneth: ' Who has the keys?'
Wei shan: 'Kenneth'

Sunday, April 15, 2007

busy weekend

Time really FLIES. Like at the blink of the eye, my weekend is gone once again. Somehow i do get terrified at how fast time actually flies. I still remember the days in secondary school where i would dream about how great it would be to be JC student... to be like 18 yrs old. some how 18 is e perfect age for me... it's like e golden age where u hv reached a certain level of maturity... no longer a small kid but not old either. You're a youth! haha. n now i am already 19 years old!! my JC phase is long over... n somehow 18 didnt seem so fantastic. I feel like some how i am not making good use of the time that i have!! Help!! like arghhh... time just keep rushing ahead and i am always behind struggling to catch up with it.

but oh well, this weekend had been really eventful. Went to join in my juniors' orientation finale programme. Wah so much thgs happened. good n bad.

The morning's kayaking was really exhilarating. I hadnt kayak for sooo long that i had actually forgotten all the thrills and excitement kayaking far out at sea gives u. The sea got pretty choppy in the rain in the late afetrnoon which makes it more challenging for us. Had so much fun tryin to cut the waves right at an angle to prevent capsizing. oh i had to take the doubles though i had wished for a single. But well it turned out to be a good thing, cos i paired with my junior and after talking to him the whole mornign and afternoon, i am glad to say that the feeling seemed to have returned. so let's hope he had truly open up to me... so pls let me be his great mentor n nt to let him down anymore!!! oh yes, i realise dat my endurance n arm power had improved! i didnt stop kayaking throughout the whole mini expedition at all! yay! =D

after kayaking was the bbq dinner.. which i didnt get to really enjoy cos haha we r called to choreo a simple dance for the juniros to dance at some checkpoint during their overnight hike later on. Haha the dance was really cute n even had a story line! lol! but oh well dinner was good nonetheless, there was food left fortunately when we went back to the pit to eat. By the way, i really find it sooo irritating of people calling me manly and like keep mocking me when i dance... ok i noe i am not graceful but do you guys have to do that? even if it's a joke, i would think that it is such a bad joke. Jokes are not meant to be repeated over and over again. callin me 'manly' for more than 100 times n above is jus pure irritating.

After dinner was our overnight. Due to some delay, we missed the last train to our starting point so we had to take the bus to go to our own starting point. It was truly a night of madness. but some how i do feel that it was slower than last year's and less fun. probly cos it's a dif level of involvement i guess. Last yr's was our show but this yr it's our juniors' turn to run the show for their juniors and we were only there to support. But some of the games we played was quite hilarious. One of it was the peanut clipping game. We each took turn to grab an amount of peanut for the rest to guess if it's odd or even in number. The losers will have to clip the peanuts onto themselves. Two of my ever crazy jrs went on to clip the peanuts onto their between the nostrils.. which is so sick... cos when they talk, laugh and move, the damn peanuts will sway from side to side too. so distracting n grossed out but yet funny!

well all in all, the hike was not easy for me. haha it really seem like the older you get the more easily it gets for fatigue to set in. Cos all of the older folks were sooo shagged after the hike bu our juniors r still perky and spirited. good for em. lol! mayb is it cos we were e one setting pace for em towards e end, so we pushed ourselves in order to push em till there's nothing left in us? haha. oh well, walking w blister n a cut on ur toes isnt the most comfortable thg to do, it got really excruciating towards the end even because i couldnt really step down when i walk, thus causing strain on my ankle and feet. but i guess it's really a mind over body thg. I am glad i managed to ignore the pain n ppushed myself further. Aspire seems to be a source of motivation and strength for me now whenever i am place in such situation. Whenever i felt like complaining, memories of aspire will start flooding my mind and make all these seem like nothing. Haha goood thing i went for it man.

I cant really stand it when people start to assume that one should be much stronger after going through so much shit b4. All i can say is that those peopl who say thhey werent tired after gg thru shit arent honest with themselves at all. Gg through the worst test doesnt really increase your treshold level directly. Wat it truly does is to make ur mind stronger so that you can have the will power to control you body, to cont to push yourself even when you thought that you had hit your limit. So it's not true that a person no longer tire as easily but it's simply because the person is in better control of himself. but if he were to be honest, he is still TIRED.

but anyway came home with wei shan to sleep. haha cant believe that i slept frm 10 plus all the way to ard 5! It's so unbelievable that i had to checked if my clock was ticking when i saw the time, cos i didnt now that i was THIS tired. I didnt even wake up when wei shan left my house. haha. i am a genius.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Guarding the tongue

' A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger... The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit' (Proverbs 15: 1,4)

'Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen' (Ephesians 4:29)

Follow up with Jaime was really enlightenning. I guess we really tend to underestimate the power of the words that we say. Our tone and choice of words can influence the way people will respond to our comment. so yeah, we should watch what we say and it will really help us to avoid calamities.

1) Smile more and speak politely and gently. Life can be so much better without all the harsh retaliation that will result from those harsh words that we said which were also meant to get back at the person we're not pleased. It's a vicious cyle.

2) A word of encouragement can make someone who have lost motivation find strength again in whatever things that he is doing. So dont put others down but instead try to shower them with more encouragement.

3)Don't use silence as a weapon too. Cold war to threaten others into giving in to u... it just meant that they treasure u but not necessarily because they see your point.

4)Talk lesser and instead listen more to what others have got to say. N as jaime highlighted... dont speak too little too especially for girls. it's much better for us to be clear with what we want and not leave it for people to guess, and get all frustrated at how dense people can get.

ok i'm really brain dead... off to bed.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Immersing in the life of others

well... i'm beginning to have a deeper understanding to how important a leader is and how difficult it is to be a good leader, a good mentor. As leader, u are the fellow's role model, pillar of strength. As mentor even worse, you are a teacher, a model, a pillar of strength on a more intimate level perhaps. Not only do you have to take note of the person whom u're teaching's progress but also have a genuine interest in his life. sigh jaime mentioned it before, that it takes alot of her strength to disciple others. because she wanna be a good mentor and to do so, she had to immerse herself in the life of others. Well hope i can still make up for it perhaps? hope it's not too late for me to start to immerse myself in the life of others.

starting to think too as i reflect... that i don't think i am even a great friend either. i guess i should really start to truly care about the lives of others. and truly care means, willing to set aside time even during my busiest monent to just immerse myself into their lives and to feel their pain and not just when convenient or i'm in e mood to.

Episode 3: Romance and heartache

The handsome young sheep was called sheepgay and was the most intelligent among all the sheep. He was full of drive, motivated and had high expectation of his future prospects. He aimed to go further than working in this small little massaging chairs factory, to some other foreign land to strive and carve out his niche. Perhaps, it’s the air of confidence that he exuded; the black wild boar was deeply attracted to him. She will find every opportunity to get him to sit by her side and worked with her. Even her voice will turn strangely close to melodious when she called out for him. Sadly though, sheepgay was not at all interested in her. He already had a girlfriend outside the factory.

The wild boar being MUCH older than sheepgay did not have the courage to confess her love and thus she continued with her one-sided love. However, she forgot about a curse that had been cast hundred of years ago by the village wiseman that whoever who falls for members of another species will perish. This curse was cast for the good of all the villagers so as to prevent inter-species breeding. Hence, as the wild boar fell more and more in love with sheepgay, her health deteriorated at an alarming rate… but love is blind and thus she didn’t realise it at all…

Sheepgay had a good friend at work called Sheepsong (the sheep that had previously lost the sale accounts). It was sheepsong that had introduced the job to sheepgay. Being good friends, sheepgay will often come by sheepsong’s place to talk to her, much to the jealousy of the wild boar. Being righteous and peaceful, the wild boar chose not to confront but to report to the supervisor of the sheeps once again about sheepsong’s misbehaviour. The most current update and reports kept flooding the supervisor’s desk, till the supervisor had no choice but to take action. She came up with a brilliant idea, which was to separate the sheeps. Hence she sent sheepsong off to start weeding the field around the factory.

Soon came the day when sheepgay had to leave because he had found his greener pastures and the black wild boar without her eye candy grew even more bitter. Without one less sheep around to help out with the daily paper work, the workload just increased tremendously for the rest of the sheep, especially sheeppo and sheepsai whose work stations were close to the pigs. Due to the great increase in work, they simply could not finish doing all that was assigned to them within the given deadline much to the displeasure of the pigs. To make things worse, the horses and cats and other senior workers too had work for the sheep to do. Thus everything had to be on a first come first serve basis. The pigs being of noble descend could not tolerate this novel idea and decided to do an ever more detailed obervation and report on the sheep’ behaviours and working attitude… The leader of the pigs was wild boar’s great pal called Hypopig. Hypopig too was a peace campaign activist and together they joined forces to give the sheep a moral lesson. Even the sheep’s good fren at work, the billy goat by the name of Goattao was not spared even though he was not a sheep but a goat… …

Sunday, April 8, 2007

torn in flesh

Today was pretty fun. Went down to help the scouts with their pioneering. I was pretty excited about this pioneering activity when i first heard of it. However, I had to admit i was a little disappointed when i saw the actual design of the bridge. When i first heard that they were going to build a bridge across the river which divided SAS frm SAJC, i had pictured a proper bridge made from like all those long wooden spars. like perhaps, join several spars together to get a plank to step on and supported onto two A-frames at the oppposite end... haha. oh well, the actual product wasnt too bad too. They tied 2 double A-frame, one at each side of the river bank, and a rope run across the 2 A-frames. The ropes are attached to a Block and Tackle system to enable us to tighten the rope whenever it gets slack. Pretty cool cos i havent got the opportunity to see how the block and tackle system is used.

But anyway, haha i am of not much help in pioneering since i can barely tie a structure myself so I could only try to give a bit of pointers and feedback about the knots. Quite surprised to learn a different method of tying the square lash though. I was taught to start the lashing on the vertical spar connected to the ground and to end on the other horizontal spar, but my seniors did it the other way instead which was unconventional but i guess it' ok lah... both methods had their smilar reasons and rationale. Guess it's just like how some people start their lashing with clove hitch even though the 'proper' way is too start with the timber hitch. okie enough! gettting too scouty here. But anyway since i am of not much help in pioneering... since i went for seamanship instructorship and not pioneering instructorship, haha my main role today was the first aider.

And my gosh, haha there was like an over-whelming response for medic treatment. People are like taking turns to get cuts, rope burns, blisters, splinter-cuts etc. But haha anyway i am more than happy to treat them all. HEH HEH. oops sadist laughter? No no no... i am a professional medic. Very gentle. But i realise that boys are actually much whinier than i thought. They were growling away when i poured the antiseptic solution over their wound to wash them. Is it really that painful? Ok fine, it is painful i know since i had the opportunity to dress my own wound during camps before and felt that stinging sensation myself. But it is within those bearable treshold i feel. No need to scream, so boys 'be a man!'. haha =D

oh one of the boys had a splinter under his finger nail though... the first case i had encountered so far... n my goodness... please do not ever let me come across such case again. It took my friend and I like almost an hour to get it out. We had to slowly trim his finger nail n keep trying to pry under his nail for the splint. N oh course he was pretty much in pain but there is not much choice for him. oh well thank goodness, I managed to tweezed it out in e end. so case closed.

Tweezing that stubborn splint out reminds me of somthing though... a torn in the flesh. hahaha. which brings me back to melody of euphoria!! That place is really really getting more n more like a rubbish incinerator plant, packed with people who reeked and behaved exactly like those worthless trash. Don't understand why must the world revolve around back stabbing one another. My back is like all scarred, meshed up, blood gushing out... N i am like on the verge of crossing over to the dark side even. I was so determined to get back and to show those bunch of bravo india tango charlie hotel that i can be a even better actress man! please man I can get even more cunning and ruthless.

But God is gracious and He spoke to me again.

'Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven u' (Eph 4:32)

'Be angry, yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger' (Eph 4:26)

'For it is commendable if a man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because he is conscious of God.' ( 1 Pet 2:19)

Forgiveness is a matter of will and not emotion because it is a very clear commandment from God. However, our forgiveness does not exempt people from the judgement of God, it doesnt mean that they are not held accountable. So just as God had forgiven us who are sinners, we should be gracious enough to forgive our fellow sinners.

Erm... I'll admit... I am still stubbornly clinging on to abit of the anger... but praise the Lord, alot of it has gone already after dwelling in His words. sigh... let's just stay in DMZ and pray for the best. Pray that God will reveal to them that they are hving double standards man. I just pray for all these nonsense to stop man, if not even the best medic cant heal my meshed-up back.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Agape Love

Was providing yet another exhortation package to someone and I just suddenly had this train of thought seemed to be pretty much coherent and sensible. so to all those poor souls out there who love to slap themselves for loving the wrong person or someone whom you cant love or one-sided love, here's my 2 cents worth.

Basically, we should have all heard of the term agape love which is unconditional love. God's loves us all unconditionally so much so that He paid such a high price to redeem us while we're still sinners. Whether or not you are convinced at least take that as an example of what agape love is all about. It's about loving someone with no expectation of any return of any sort and forms (physical/material/feelings etc.)

so let's ask ourselves what is true love? when we say that we truly love someone or someone truly love us, how confident are we to say that we are willing to even lay our lives down for that person? Since we love that someone so deeply and sincerely, shouldnt we be able to say with 100% confident that we are willing to even die for the person? Let's say you are willing to do so, what happens if one day you discover that the person had not been truthful to u or had done u wrong or is actually not the kind of person that you hoped for? Will you still be able to say that you are willing to die for the person? If it's true love, there shouldnt even be an expectation of any form for the person. If you sincerely love the person, then it will not matter what kind of a person that special someone is cos true love should be unconditional and if you are sincere, there should not be any reason as to why you like the person.

Love is unconditional. Love is of no reason and logic. so that's what 1st class love should be-agape love. It's not so much as to, the person is nice to you or the person likes u too therefore you like the person back. It's unconditional period.

Sounds like mission impossible? haha well I believe we should all strive towards that. Just as how God had showered us with His love, we too should learn how to shower others with this kind of love. So for all those people who are struggling with themselves. There is nothing much to struggle about if we were to take a different view of things.

Never blame yourself for loving the wrong person, because there is no such thing as loving the wrong person. Loving someone is never wrong. So please don't slap yourself for falling into this so-called 'trap' or 'self-delusion'. But instead, try to adjust your feelings a little and search a little deeper into your heart. think about this true love that i had just mentioned above. We should all try to 'upgrade' our 2nd class love a little to get closer to the 1st class love. If we can change our mindset to loving someone with no expectation of any returns, then there will no longer be a need for you to struggle with yourself or to try to curb your feelings. There's no wrong in loving someone, just bear in mind that true love means expecting no return of the same sort of feeling. If you truly love the person, then my fren, you will also realise that you had just released yourself from that self-inflicted pain.

okie.... enough had been said... thk i sound like some monk... some dharma....wah no... i am not talking about enlightenment here.... just my view and opinion of how to get out of that self inflicted pain n trap.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Kept having some new revealations these days and I think it's a good thing that i am experiencing all these... shows that i am growing to be more mature in thoughts i hope.

in case i'll forget so let's pen them down now:

1) You don't have to be the one doing everything or anything so we should never be discouraged when others are doing the job that we had probably wanted to do. it's perfectly fine to have others to do it and do it to perfection. what matters is the big picture.
2) Contribution and efforts are not really quantifiable. Playing a small role in something or not playing at all doesnt mean that you cant contribute too.
3) There should really be a balance in life. not 99% scouts or wat so ever. so let's hv a balance life!! b more open minded about new activities, challenges and meeting new frenz!! I really realise that my circle of frenz had become smaller and smaller n i have kind of distant away from old frenz cos of my 99% ventures lifestyle. so yupx i've paid a hefty price and also gained alot frm ventures so conclusion? Just have a balance life. =)

Si-family outing

YAY! I'm finally done with all my uni registration soo woohoo! no more stress n emo periods for me. felt so relieved after pressing the submit button for my smu application. felt that e essay was perhaps a lil too cheesy for me but well thk it's a great idea. thank big head for that n for his help in e editing!! hhaha @_@

ok so now that i'm finally done with all that crap, I can finally blog in peace. Last night was our first si-family dinner outing. quite sad tho.. some how i do feel that it may probably be our last too since our dear grandpa patrick will be saying goodbye to his freedom and hair soon. dinner was at ding tai fung n after which we had fondue for desert!! haha choc + ice cream what more can I ask for? heex

ok my body is really aching frm my dance classes. Started my 1st hip hop class on sun n went for pilates n girls hip hop on mon. It's really fun but i do feel like a dork in class. everyone seems to have little problems remembering the steps and there i am struggling. sigh. so what do i look like when i dance? erm... a nerd tryin to act hot. but hey! nope i am not giving up! It such a fun way to loose all that flabs! n well practise makes perfect right! haha so hopefully yeah by the next few lessons i will progress to being able to hit the counts? =S

ok... days in melody of euphoria is really getting frm bad to worse. ok filing is no longer so bad cos there's now a new guy temp helping me out n he's nice. but back on the supposed 'heaven' just one floor bbelow me, it has somewhat turned into a battlefield. so guess i shd b thankful that i am upstairs filing away in one corner of the office where no one even cares about my existence. so after next week i guess i will dread going back down to be with the familiar faces haha cos my DMZ spot now has become my new heaven. okie for more info on wat happened at the battlefield pls check out episode 3 of my story.

since tmr is qing ming jie... let's take a moment to think about our anncestors. frm the si-family, our grandparents. patrick and his spouse... dua bei gong... =S