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Sparkles of Life

Sunday, August 31, 2008

3rd week of sch

reviving my dead blog. oh gosh. i haven't been bloggin at all. every urge to blog just succumb to my busy-ness n laziness. oh gosh.

anyway, 3rd week into the semester and i am already TIRED. oh gosh. the week had been so intense n crazy. with all the readings piling up... projects in sight... n assignments... n forum discussion. oh wth.

And all the endless late nights is taking its toil on me. I'm dead beat. And going for worship practice was also really taking up a huge portion of my time. With weekends burnt, n week days burnt in school, n my nights burnt web cam-ing and reading. SIGH. I need a time manager. haha

But oh well... hope things will fall into place soon. Worship was done and over with this morning n praise God for its success. I guess i have to re-consider my service and workload after all this. With works, sunday school cell and cell comm, it's really overloading. And cell aside, I've got Voices in school! and argh... i still intend to participate in NYF... n also my desire to continue with golf n to pick up tennis.

am i mad? I think i am...

oh well... fatigue and stress aside, my 1st korean class on saturday was really fun. lookin forward to be able to read n write n speak in korean soon! So this is the happy highlight of the week. And for the sad part of the week, dong sengs have finally left korea for US n Russia. Sigh. It's gonna be hard to keep in touch all thanks to our time differences now. oh gosh. its really crazy how much we've all gotten closer to each other. Marilyn n i really feel so close to them that we feel so saddened by their departure. oh well.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Dream big, never be afraid of falling short of it, for life is too short for regrets.

Big dreams are just so daunting clouding our minds with "wat if"s but i really don't wanna compromise. why should you compromise just cos your dream seems way beyond your wildest imagination?

Trust in His hand, that He'll bring u there n show u every step of the way.

Dream BIG. Never be afraid to dream and even more importantly to pursue that dream!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sch and Withdrawal Symptom

3rd day in NUS and it still feels very unreal and very much like a dream. But i am glad i am slowly but steadily feeling that i am slowly fitting in. And I'm really so thankful for this group of frenz whom i have met. Don't have to care about the rest who are rather siao and havoc.. its really doesnt matter. I'm glad to have this small bunch of frenz.

And the deck really brings with it lovely surprises installed. Like bumping into cheryl, jasmine and even zheyin (who's all the way in engine fac!)... n most most of all! bumping into Paul, a fren i made from the youth forum in korea!! AHHHH so happy!!

School is starting to show me its pressure cooker side but at the same time I am reminded of how much i desire this academic rigour and to be challenged. So now that i am challenged, I'm daunted and excited at the same time?! it's weird i know.. but it's how i feel. But the great thg is.. the mods i am doing are interesting to me. N i believe this will really help me alot in my revision n etc. Even Great Ideas in Contemporary Physics is pretty appealing to me! Really excited about learning about Quantum Physics whereby things just cant be explained fully and everything still points back to Him! :)

n yes film and history forum is REAL STRESSFUL for nooblet me. sigh but oh well.. when the gg gets tough the tough gets gg and let's not forget the hunger i had all these time when i was deprived. so let's be filled with joy and excitement!

And gosh i really miss korea and my bunch of dong sengs and chingus... :(


and yay! marilyn and i have finally registered for korean class. Good luck to me who's doing Jap this sem as well. 2 languages at one shot!!

This is what happened on wed for jap class, my brain got messed up by the 2 languages:
lecturer: what's shiro?
Me (thought): dislike... don't want...
lecturer: it means white color

lecturer: what's kiyoo?
me (thought): cute....
lecturer: yellow color