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Sparkles of Life

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

new hair do

I finally went to fix my "garfield" hair today after tolerating the obvious 2 colour hair for so long due to the exams. RARR.

so finally i am not a garfield. Went to dye my hair and snip all the split ends away. there goes my really long hair :(

Sob sob.

anyway dun noe wat got into my head. but i dyed my hair black. like really black. told the stylist that i wanna get the shade of black w a hint of brown cos i am afraid it might look weird. But oh well, it turned out really reallly black. Like jet black though he assure me w a few wash the hint of brown will show. But for now it's the really really black. so black it shines. ok lah healthy-looking hair i supposed but it's kind of weird after not seeing myself w black hair for some time. even my dad finds it odd. n also it's even blacker than my original black hair. so now u noe y it's so weird

so here's the new look:

so odd to see my hair blend into my black top.. :s

And also much shorter den b4. :(

oh and haha another thing i finally got to do after such a long period of suppression. I FINALLY GET TO SINGGGG!!!! YAYYYY


The Wine Glass

what's up with post exams lazy bone syndrome man? I am so lazy that i even procrastinate to blog?!

anyway so here's what happened last friday :)

friday 23/4/08
Finally i got to utilised the 90 bucks worth of vouchers at the wine glass. Had a really uber happy time with tiny bee (xiao feng), jussypok and liz. small group but really happy time.

It felt really awesome to know that you're opening a bottle of white wine FOC. oh and what a small world the guy working there turned out to be justin's family friend. 3rd year in FASS. cool cool. anyway so bcos of connections, we got a free shot each before we left as well. how nice.

anyway so let the wackiness begin!

The wine Glass. Really pretty and cosy decor

The gang of us that evening

And we went crazy (as usual)... attempting to cover each other's face frm the foto.

Xi Nu Ai Le (happy anger sad joy)

And we swop partners to play the next game...Suan Tian Ku La (Sour Sweet Bitter Spicy)

Fei Shou (Fat Skinny)

More randomness

Now for the finale shots!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

surprise surprise

Asked my dad to help open the mail box expecting to see only NUS offer letter. But guess what?

woohoo! NTU sent an offer letter too and a cover letter which states that the offer supercedes the one that was sent to me yesterday.

my goodness. my dad said that i am really running some kind of luck. "dog shit" luck in chinese. But haha i know i am not. It's just cos it's now the right time and with the right focus that my Dad has arranged.

I'm happy and yet not very happy at the same time. It feels quite sad to know that i am gonna start all over again from ground zero. but i guess like i said. since i have to walk the tougher path, then let's have courage and faith. Enter the narrow gate! haha

anyway went the wine glass yesterday. place was awesome. will blog tonight :)

Friday, May 23, 2008


ok forgot to blog about this.

after the interview for teaching at NTU which is held at Melody of Euphoria, i went to meet up with daniel and liz and watched indiana jones with em. it's suuuuuuperrrrbbb! everyone should watch if u like movies like national treasures.

And mr daniel was running some kind of awesome luck man. he caught 3 dolls out of his 4 tries at the arcade machine. YAY! so one dolly each for us.

Anyway the interview at the accursed ground sucks. RARR.. really stupidd experience n haate their air of arrogance and know it all. wonder why are teachers here so bad?!! they should really all wake up their ideas man. they're turning the kids here retarded and killing all creativity.

post exam morning

so finally... the dreadful nightmare of exams is finally over. AND THE START OF THE 3 MTHS of slackin has begun. my goodness. there's this sense of loss that comes from a sudden liberation from the ordeal of constant revision. no more mugging. so what do i do now??

step1: Look for a job!!! earn the moolah for myanmar and the youth forum!!
step 3: Look for classes to attend: language class (jap/korean), singing class!! (diva in the making! oh yah!)

yesh... if all the above is accomplished den my hols would b so meaningful.

anyway a random thg. to everyone pls do not attempt to karate chop any of ur house furniture like i did in my moment of frustration with exams. my palm now hurts when i close it into a fist. retarded.

so the exam is over. and i am officially a yr 2 student at SIM. just feels so weird. n the idea of re-starting at another uni at yr 1 again is just kinda dreadful as well. oh well i have chosen or rather am chosen to walk the tough path. so let's walk it well and with pride. Who cares how long i take to walk this journey. So long as i walk it with my Dad. And i know that He'll raise me up. and hopefully what Ivan has said to me and Auntie Roslind's vision for me will be right. i really hope so.

this exam has been marked with fun times. such as dinners that's ALWAYS a big big pig-out session and also the overnight mugging at the airport that left me so shag i slept till 4pm the next day after coming home at 8am. so frustrated with my time loss that i cried buckets n karate chop my book shelf. Think i will really miss the times i have with this bunch of new friends. really. these are the people that have made this gap year feel alot less sorry.

this post exam morning has been marked with all this sentimental thoughts and moments of emotional upheaval. God is faithful. Truly is. And every thing really works in His time. As everyone know i applied this year for unis using my same old result. And it has yielded a totally dif response from last years. I've been called down for interviews and all. All from the same result and record (ok with slight modification as i have done more stuff in the past year). Really truly awesome. And what's more God really answer your prayer. I prayed again last night for God to give me my answers fast so that i can turn down the aussie offer in time n get my deposit back should i have to. No more time left to wait sitting on the fence hoping for an answer from NTU and NUS. Good or bad i want it nnow. i need it. And guess what? God really answers prayerss and He knows ur urgency.

So all in one morning. Letter frm NTU saying no. ARGH too bad their lost :P............ checked the portal on NUS which also gave an answer! WOW! which says.............YES. Goodness i am just struck by how awesome God is. So prompt in His answers. And He also save me the multiple choices by reducing one choice for me. He really answers to the very specific detail of your request. and the best part of the realisation. Everythg truly in His time. Because i applied with the same grades as last year. This year's competition is even worse then last year. I thought i screw up my interview. And it's just awesome when everything in aligned to His will and you have submitted to His will.

Anyway so now it's time to pray a lil more and wrestle with myself a lil more. UWA or NUS?

for now let's have a day of fun. and i shall start working on my youth forum essay. talk about the youth forum. God is good once more. I really wanna go for the World Youth Forum in Korea. And so even as i don't have my chance in scouts. TADA. another door opens for me. I'm joining Humanitarian Affairs and gg as their reps. :))) ok lah back to reality... only if my essay went through haha.

but play for now till tonight. woohoo n i'm gg to the wine glass tonight! yay!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

counting down to days of freedom

I should not be blogging right now. With my MASSIVE pile of notes to study for. i really should not be even surfing the net. BUT RARR. this is so mentally draining. I don't know why but this is the 1st time i actually lose sleep during exams. I just cant sleep. Everyone is like so kiasu!! Mugging the whole night through and making me afraid to even sleep before 4 am. so it became a habit. La la la. so now i can only sleep at after 3 am every night. stupidd.

And also mugging was not as productive as before. For all my prior exams i don't as much difficulty getting myself focused n b disciplined in my revision. But this time round it just feels so disjointed. Maybe cos of i'm distracted by uni applications..

Anyway i am getting the jitters. Been waiting n waiting for a reply from the interview. Really keeping my fingers crossed. got my 1st rejection letter from smu yesterday. hope it'll be the 1st and last for this year. Surprisingly, i am not affected by it. HAHA. their lost. But yeah i really hope to hear positive news frm NTU n NUS.

These aside,God opened another door of opportunity for me. Got another interview next thursday for the teaching degree at NTU. I have to say I am not exactly very keen with the idea of going into teaching as my first job but oh well. let's see how it goes. And something amazing happened. i was initially scheduled to have the interview at 11.40am which i cant make it since i will still be in the exam hall struggling away with my management paper, but some how i was informed by sms that there's communication error and i am scheduled for the interview 5 hours after the stated time. Which will allow me sufficient time to get home frm expo (my exam venue) and get changed n head down for the interview. my goodness. It's so amazing how God works.

And let's hope i won't be so tired to handle the interview once again. I can't help but keep thinking back on my NUS interview which i felt i could have done better if i wasn't so tired. my brain was totally fried after stats paper. n i slept at 4 am the day before. sigh. Oh well no use crying over spilled milk. n besides it's not even spilled yet. POSITIVE THINKING. and whatever it is, i hope that i can really be assured in God. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the last supper 吃饱好上路

another day of crazy mugging. it's finally down to the final hours before meeting our doom.

i have officially given up hope on econs. PASS is what i am aiming for or rather pleading for. yeah more appropriate. but after this week i think i would be alot happier. cos thurs is econs, fri is stats. that's 2 nightmares down. den e next one is maths but maths nowadays is alot more enjoyable than JC maths so yeah. den its ibm and soci which though not that enjoyable is alot less demanding on brain cells since its more about filling my tiny brain up with content and facts. RARR

but intense mugging over the few days at shaw house with liz and daniel has been great. its really alot better to mug with frenz. less tiring and more productive. man is truly a social man so to hell with all the classical assumptions about the rational economic man.

anyway post muggin dinner as well is full of nonsense and crap and GALLONS of laughters. mugging causes so much damage to the brain cells that all that come out of your mouth thereafter is just pure crap.

so the theme for today's dinner is 吃饱好上路 (eat full and go in peace). since we're all more or less prepared to die on thursday upon seeing the econs paper (instant death as the awfully challenging questions strike your blank and empty brain forcefully), so to hell with budget and our flaccid wallets. Once again its a case of muggers turn gluttons.

my my... it was a steak, a grilled chicken, 2 grilled dory fillet, 2 lamb chop pieces, fries, calamaris, and pasta (aglio olio) !!

i'm amazed i live to blog about this. my stomach is indeed more elastic than i thought.

anyway and more jitters. got called for an interview this friday at nus. RARR. of all days. really hope i am not too fried to handle the rigour of the interview especially after being battered by econs and stats paper (friday morning some more!) but thankful nonetheless. God is really so good. Praise Him. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

the drama addict's fantasy

watching too much dramas can really affect your psycho-emotional development. It start to make you dream of the impossible and have unrealistic fantasy.

first you start to wonder why isn't your life like those characters in the drama? Then you start to imagine how life would be like if you're the character in the drama. How nice lah! damn

In a drama,
your life may start off as a damsel in distress. den come prince charming who come and rescue you. then on his way come your knight in shining armour as well who happen to be your childhood friend. And the issue here is, both are drop dead handsome, rich and talented and most of all love you a hundred percent. HAHA so damsel in distress got saved by her prince and knight but faced another dilemma of who to pick. Gosh. haha

your life may start off as poor cinderella being tortured, bullied and oppressed. then by some one in a million probability kind of luck, you turn out to be the heir to some rich family. so it's cinderella turned princess. And together with this mountains of gold coins also includes tada! u guessed it right. Prince charming as well.


And then back to reality. It's just me and my THOUSAND AND ONE things to mug and do. AHHH. can this be considered damsel in distress too? haha if so will there be a drop dead handsome prince charming (like brian joo oppah, kim jung hoon oppah etc.) to come and save me from my disastrous preparation for my exams? prince charming will do lah don't need the knight in shining armour (i give discount) but of cos if got bonus knight in shining armour also welcome. And preferably like those in korean dramas you know! Have great fashion sense, flawless in every aspect kind. HAHAHA

And prince charming as defined by dramas:
someone who is drop dead handsome, talented, loaded (with cash and all meaning rich, not loaded with bombs, that's called a terrorist), love u a 100% (let's make it 200%) and has good character. the perfect gentleman.