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Sparkles of Life

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Music Therapy

unexpected music therapy filled the afternoons of yesterday and today. Accompanied my mom to catch MJ's This is It in the cinema. While I know MJ was good but i hadnt really listened to his music and goodness that few hours in the cinema was really therapeutic. It was really such a pity, the concert would have been the best of the best concerts if not for the tragedy. The music was awesome, the dance was mind-blowing. The dancers were all so awe-strikingly fantastic. Perfect moves and every move just oozes attitude. The musicians and vocalists are fantastic. And that girl guitarist really really rocks! MJ of cos needless to say was brilliant!

ok music therapy aside, it was also my 1st experience catching a movie in the Gold Class theatre. Goodness... the arm couches are soooooooo comfy. velvety and soft, and u can adjust the footrest as well and even recline if u want. aww... n there's blanket n the food menu. N N N the button on your TABLE (yes u hv a lil table for ur snacks n drinks, n no they're not served in those paper utensils) for u to press and call the waiter in, who will RUN to your service. man.. such a pampering experience.

And music therapy part 2 continues with this afternoon's LONG rehearsal for the intergenerational anglican centenary celebration service. Rehearsal was sooooo exhaustingly LONG. from 1.30pm till 6pm. man... it's almost like National Day. Ok God is definitely bigger than National Day. So anyway it's my first taste of singing in a choir and the verdict is: This is such a BACK and LEG BREAKING experience. oh gosh... standing for hours n singing repetitive stuff isn't that pleasant afterall. i think i very much prefer singing as vox w a band. aww... BUT all for God!! Ok now here's the music therapy part... the worship band was AWEEESOMEE!

Goodness listening to them the entire afternoon, I just can't stop marvelling at their brilliance. I really really love the main vocalist's voice!! He has that tone that I really really love. And he just sings n lead worship with such ease while playing the guitar as well! *envious and inspired* And the band!! Love that adrenaline-pumping rhythm from the drums, that emotional flow of melodies from the keyboard, the guitar riffs from the electric guitar and the soothing sound of the acoustic guitar!! Haix... it really fed my dream of one day becoming a vox in a band and MORE! It really fed my dream of aspiring to be a powerful worship leader in a band like Hillsong.

And I wonder if I will be able to find any venues to sing when I'm in US... would wanna still continue to sing, do gigs, and return stronger... wanna pick up hip hop...N when i return, everything would have changed as well. Argh... Please don't stop the music~~

Monday, October 26, 2009

Too Much Too Furious

Past the halfway mark of the tunnel of my gloomy days and I still have 3 more projects to go. Oh gosh... It had been weeks of endless writing. It's pretty amazing how I have been able to come up with on average a 2000 word paper within intervals of every 3-4 days. I have just been researching researching researching writing writing writing non-stop cos with one submission another one is due in the next 3-4 days' time. :S There is no time to even think too much about the quality of work. And school work aside, I still gotta get my preparation for SEP done. Visa application, accomodation etc.

And I guess my brain and energy capacity is slowly wearing out. Here's a manifestation of my fatigue and constant preoccupation with my work:
Wanted to get coffee for myself before lecture this afternoon, and a guy cut my line after staring into my cup of coffee. It left me puzzled until I too looked into my cup and finally realized what had happened....My cup was just filled with ice cubes with no coffee. I had forgotten to get the coffee from the dispenser!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feel the Adrenaline

RYSEC judging on saturday finally. Last lap! Finally finally the last lap after so many misconceived pseudo endings. And what a time to realize the loop holes in our business plan. I guess to see the positive side of things, it's been great learning opportunity and thanks to you buddies who stuck it through with me that this chance is even been possible for me to have a taste at how the real world function. Presenting business proposals, winning people over to your idea etc. It's fun so let's see how well I can present myself, my team and the business concept. real good training absolutely.

And there's just soooooooo much to do on top on all these personal projects. Yakuza dossier down, gift assignment down this week. Can't wait for the rest of the items on my plate to disappear as well.

Much to worry at the same time. Like having sufficient to revise for exams, visa application, air ticket, housing in america, sep matters, mongolia. A timeline is desperately needed for Workcamp Mongolia. Now till the time I leave sunny singapore what needs to be done? what can be secured now? Moolah and camp program! Recruitment of volunteers. Plan ahead the fund raising events and the dates for them. Set up the website for e-auction and e-bazaar.

Met up with Evan for lunch today. Had a real hearty chat with her about our busy workload, about summer school, about sep, about our travelling escapades. I can feel that rush of adrenaline as we share about our exciting moments overseas. And I can't really put this to words. But I really really yearn to see the world. everyone every culture is just so fascinating and precious. Can't wait for the holidays, for exchange, and for the life that I have longed for sooo long!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what a comforting line

In the midst of enduring the blazing furnace of the Yakuza dossier, comes one line from marilyn "sounds interesting (the project)... ... better that valuing companies, which is what i do all the time." Unintended effect achieved. AH sorry babe! but I feel happier now heex XD

Monday, October 12, 2009

Half dead

Half dead from a high temperature and a aching lower back, and still having to worry about the budget for my mongolia project, my 2 samurai webcasts, my social theory readings and the most frantically anxiety-inducing Yakuza project (due on thurs). RARRRRRRRRR

Need to get the budget out, webcasts done by tonight at least! :((

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

all coming in at the wrong time

presentation for RYSEC, proposal for mongolia, the tonnes of school projects and assignment. seriously, u guys all really know how to pick the best time to come flying at me. got the old familiar feeling of being stretched to the max again. Filled to the neck, on the verge of drowning.

take it easy, one at a time. *breath*

this photo brings me joy:

mommy n her bouquet of flowers.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

birthday surprise for mommy!

birthday surprise for mommy went really well . really happy to know that she feels happy and to bless her with my present. This year, she received a nano (k my old nano actually but still in prime condition) with all her fave oldies all inside for her and her surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to the house:

It's sooo pretttty!! :)))

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the filled plate

e-learning week is coming. all lectures will be webcasted (no physical lecture to go to) but tutorial resume the same. so what's the whole point? sighh n busy busy busy me. I really need this week's time to do my yakuza project and black triad project. ARGH wat's up with my life? why is it filled with gloominess and gangsterism? 2 heavy projects, one week's time to prepare and do. I'm worried if I have enough time. :(

done with samurai film analysis, eropagnis project and PS essay draft.

Now I'm left with: yakuza project, chinese black triad project, PS final essay, social theory term paper, anthropology 'gift' assignment, and the most daunting of all the social research project on health. Of all topic, the most boring health! n it's quantitative, full of stats theory and it's an individual project. how great.

And RYSEC has returned to haunt as well. intense preparation for the presentation on the judging day (24th oct). 2 weeks odd time to prepare amidst my already hectic schedule. Here's the start to to my super-hero life.