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Sparkles of Life

Saturday, February 28, 2009


잘생긴남자를좋아해요? 하지만 보통 잘생긴남자는똑똑하지않아요.

똑똑한남자를좋아해요? 하지만 보통 똑똑한남자는 똔이없어요.

똔많은남자를좋아해요? 하지만 보통 똔많은남자는 못 생겼어요.


미안내오빠,저는나뽄오자. 정말미안내...

robin hood

tried archery this afternoon with my cell group... wooo lah lah it was fun! and it was also real surprising to discover that there's a robin hood in me!

At the start, i was really bad. like really really bad. I just didnt get the picture even with aaron n joel's tips on how to aim. So i was shooting everywhere but the target. Then the competition started, and i scored like 3 misses with my 3 arrows (3 macdonalds our coach called it). So me and two other macs got to go through the knock out round. Then a miracle by the name of tyco happened! i got one arrow onto 9 while the other 2 scored macs again. And so i was saved from the knock out and into the elimination round.

And somehow, it dawned on me the line that i was supposed to see and the stance that my body should adopt. And so, i saw myself through to the semi-final rounds while all the other girls got knocked out. It was just aaron, joe n i. my my. It was so crazy. And my aiming just got better and better as i finally got the hang of it, and i knocked joe out with my 2 10s. And so i moved to the finals, with all my girls frenz shouting for me to do em proud and joe shouting for me to beat aaron (so much for brotherhood). And yes the winning streak continued, and so i was the robin hood of the session. yayy!

So the jack of all trades me found myself another sports of interest after golf. wah... i really wanna play golf again soon! n now archery too!!

identity crisis

With the end of emerge, it seems to indicate the end of my season as a singer as well. Kinda sad. But sigh. Don’t see much opportunities ahead of me. But oh well, as I have encouraged some, let’s not give up. Let’s continue to work harder to pursue our passion. And I really hope that someday, I can be that singer that I wanna be. That vocalist that awes people. The vocalist that rocks with her band.

Though I didn’t manage to do what I had set out to do, I guess one can see improvements in the sense that I have a rough idea of where to work on and what to work on. First and foremost, what’s my identity as a vocalist? Goodness. After thinking much and going through my ipod to check out what songs I like, I realize that I am really a pasar malam. I listen to such a wide range of music! I like so many different kinds of songs, that I just don’t know who am I and how I should sing.

Oh well… want an idea of how pasar malam I am? I really love a big range:
I love… r&bs! (like brian mcknight, ne-yo, chris brown, fly to the sky, chemistry, crystal kay etc.)….rap! (fort minor, big bang, epic high etc.)….emo rock!!! (goo goo dolls, 3 doors down, the calling, nickleback)…. Just rock bands!(the fray, lost prophets, switchfoot etc), pop! (jpop, kpop, eng pop, mandopop)…..even regaetton! (daddy yankee!)

Sigh.. such a rubbish dump. No character.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Post Liberte Withdrawal

Liberte was finally over yesterday. The concert that had caused me much stress and excitement at the same time. The idea of finally having my own stage is really very gratifying and satisfying yet at the same time there were regrets about things which I hadn’t been able to meet and achieve.

Many heartfelt thanks to too many people whom I have worked with throughout this whole emerge 2009 liberte concert experience. “pong dap dap” for all the pointers given (really learnt a lot about being a performer from u), music director who arrowed himself to help manage the music prog for the booth, seniors who helped, camera man who helped with the promo video, cast who so readily skipped lecture for filming, awesome partner who didn’t mind the mia periods n just do the show w me, lovely partner for heading pub comm, and lovely ladies from pub comm… simply too many ppl to thank for.

And really thank God for really made this such a blessing to me. I really enjoyed myself on stage. And this experience is truly addictive. I was so excited and high (and not nervous at all) about really performing. I’ve practiced and waited so long for that short moment.

But high notes aside, the end of liberte really brought about some sadness as well. The idea of coming to the end of a journey together. Really accentuates my emo-ness. Haha. This empty feeling that has been there for a while but was covered by preparation for emerge. Gosh I really wanna pack my luggage and just go travel around the world n see more things n meet more people. I miss globe trotting and I miss my friends a great deal!! Really miss u guys overseas!

Went to a nice awesome Korean bar with Marilyn just now. Had a great great time chatting with her. N it just feels so good. N we both have this indescribable feeling inside us. We just miss our days globe trotting and meeting new people, doing meaningful things together.

N yes the place was awesome. Fantastic food, ambience n music! N not to forget the soju.

Thursday, February 19, 2009