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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer in mongolia

After the tragic flight delay which caused all the 12hrs of faithful waiting at the airport to go futile, I'm finally in the land of Mongolia. Fortunately the delay was accompanied by the airline's thoughtful free hotel stat for the night till the next morning where the flight was rescheduled to.

Anyway, looking out of the window as the plane flew pass Mongolia was just magical. The vast green pastures dotted by white tents scattered in clusters n the speck of buildings where cities were spelled the fulfillment of a long time dream. Just amazing.

But once out of the airport, reality set itself in. Ulan bator is just simply out of my imagination. The supposedly breezey summer was a myth. Instead I was greeted by the sultry heat waves that clings and envelops the air. Where's the breeze? It was just hot air. It's so amazing how a country can have both extreme ends of weather. N besides the weather, i also found that yak meat was just such a myth.

But anyway im happy. Thank God that though the buildings were shabby, the interior of my guesthouse is decent n my new Mongolian friends cum guides were really sweet.

So here I am blogging on my phone in my cosy sauna like room.

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