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Sparkles of Life

Friday, July 20, 2007

Freshmen Orientation Camp

FOC turned out to be fine despite all my apprehension and reluctance to go at the beginning. The games played were quite fun and I am glad that I had gone in with an open mind and with an enthusiastic spirit. Fortunately, my OG mates too were really great and we bonded really well as an OG. Go zephyr!

The girls in our OG though quite different (Maybe in a sense less garang than the ventures) were really sweet and considerate people. There was no fighting over the chalet toilet etc. To think I was quite ‘homesick’ on day 1 perhaps because of some subtle difference of this camp as compared to my other camps. It was back to the days of being a camper and having to cheer and be high at all times, and having to please the game masters and OGLs. However, it was not as bad as I thought it would have been. It didn’t feel all that degrading. Maybe just a tad bit. But it really was not so bad, maybe cause I understand the efforts and the amount of work done behind scene now that I too also have lots of experience with planning for camp. It made me appreciate what the seniors had done for us and it was not as degrading afterall. It helps too to have a bunch of OG mates who were high on oxygen.

The programme on the first day started out quite badly because of the rain. And the quest had to be shifted indoor. Nonetheless, it was still quite fun. Two memorable events from the quest. For a games, the guys had to take off their tops to let us step on in order for us to cross the ‘lava’ land. One really funky OG mate of mine decided to take of his bottom instead much to the horror of us all, OGL and game masters included. But we’re all fooled cause he was wearing 2 pants (for what I have no idea… haha). Another game was really lame. We were made to lie on each other’s tummy and say ‘haha’ for as long as we can without anyone in the OG laughing. It gets dry after a while cos it’s really not funny. Day 1 ended with a telematch which got us all dirtied with flour, water and mud. And the night closes with our S.P. preview, in which we got to talk to our SP for 3 mins blind folded. Hello? Isn’t it blind date? Please stop denying it man.

Day 2 saw a tremendous improvement in our team spirit. Everyone was so psyched up for the treasure hunt game. And we managed to emerge the top scoring OG for this section! Woohoo! And the night closes with our SP revelation and SP walk which was both corny and stewpid. SP revelation was really darn stupid and funny. The girls (us) were made to sit in one row in a room and wait for our SP to come in blind folded. And as they call out ‘honey’, we were to respond saying ‘darling’ like ewww… Yes and so the girls we protested like crazy to our OGL but to no avail. And we ended up doing a role play with him instead. He became the brothel owner cum mamasan cum pimp cum bouncer cum guard cum cashier of our budget red light destrict. It’s quite hilarious actually as we assumed our roles and got ourselves real crazy. Luckily, my SP was quite a gentleman and not so bad looking s my night was fine. Except that some games are really sick. Like having to feed your SP this TINY bit of seaweed mouth to mouth and biting a mentoes into halves simultaneously with your SP. Shit I so rather die. Oh yes and not to forget picking up Super Rings placed on different parts of his body using your mouth and feeding him once again using your mouth. EWW. Sick. And we had to hold hand the entire time during the whole walk with checkpoints of games but ok lah at least I don’t have a sick SP.

Day 3 morning ended with more cheers, more rah and A LOT of cam whoring before we broke camp. Haha.

So that’s all for my FOC. Overall still quite fun!! And it’s also comforting to know that quite a lot of my OG mates especially the girls share the same feeling that I have. Oh and it's a small world afterall! turned out that my OGL was justin's and nic's senior and they know each other. how cool

Flying off tonight to UK for 3 weeks! Hope to have loads of fun and forget about my woes for the time being. To cookie monster, don’t elmo! ☺

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Looking back at this half a year, everything seemed to be packed tight into this small little time frame. All the different experiences and most of all difficulties that had given me so much thoughts and emotions that i had never pondered about and felt before. Everything in its great diversity all packed into one super combo pack.

As school is about to start and my slightly more than half a year break from the education system (rigid and routine life of a student) is quietly coming to an end, all the memories of this past half a year just came flooding through my mind. There simply so much laughters and even more tears. But thankfully, no matter how unpleasant things get I have got through it all and emerge better. Praise Lord.

Undoubtedly, going through difficulties in life makes people grow to be more mature and understanding. For this I praise Him for blessing me with trials.

My little experience of working life in an office is indeed an eye opening experience and expose me to the uglier side of things. Unpleasant and repulsive it may be, it is a fact that we live in an ugly world. And in face of all these nonsense, I guess it had honed me up a little and gear up to face the harsher stuff in the future. It is quite sad, that my mind had no doubt gotten trained to be more aware of ploys and be more alert and ready to defend myself turning me into a pretty much scheming person. However, I guess we should see things on a bright side too. Knowing exactly how ugly people can get, we can be more prepared to stand firm by our values and as we stand firm we may even change others through our positive influences. So things aren't that bad afterall.

Working hard to no avail and praying and hoping for my greatest desire in vain is probably one of the worse thing that had happened to me in this half a year, but I had also taken back many valuable lessons that could probably bring me even further. Through all this, I have come to realise God's sovereignty. If God didn't meant it to be, in vain would the workers labour. So it is really not my effort but through His Grace. And when everything seems to just go wrong and He seem to be so far away, I came to realise that He is actually always a prayer away. He gave me friends who helped me to stand. It is in such situation that we truly learn how to trust Him. I have no other way except to trust Him. Helpless and down, I can only stand firm by putting my faith in Him and His sovereignty. Indeed, this half a year had saw a big spiritual growth spurt in me. Because i have learnt to trust Him more and more.

Realising how small and helpless I am, how futile my efforts could be, had also caused me to mellow and to be more understanding. In the past, I was usually very sure of my ideas and thoughts, quite domineering, and defensive of my own ideas. I believe in fighting for my own ideas. A senior of mine once told me you don't have to fight for your own ideas even if they are good. It didnt make sense before but now it does. I guess having mellowed, I am even more open to ideas of others now and less fervent with my own. Indeed no matter how good the idea appeals to you, it may not be to the rest.

Just the other day, i actually caught myself telling someone that if the teacher can't make it, we as the student should try to squeeze every bit out of her. This is so ironical. In the past when my senior first said this to me, it was totally beyond my comprehension but now it does. We can't get the best situation in life all the time but that doesn't mean we should lament but instead we should think of how to make the best out of it.

Another thing that i have learnt and am still striving is that it really doesn't matter how people judge you. You may be the biggest fool on earth, but remember God is our ony benchmark and with this so long as we don't see ourselves as fools no one can ever put us down. As family members and all the kpo figures in ur life come haunting u and ur parents about your latest update in life, it is quite hard not to feel pressured and mocked. My mom had chosen to run away to hide while my dad decided to go all out and paint a even nastier picture. I was instantaneously turned into a havoc girl who don't like school and have decided to go out and work as a kayaking instructor instead of going to university. I am havoc beyond cure with lots of flings and i party like no one's business. HAHA. Even i laughed. But it does pain my heart that my parents' ego and pride are indeed very hurt. Well, I guess we really have to move beyond the hurt that we feel. When others put us down, all the more should we be strong and continue to believe in ourselves, in Him. We are all made in His likeness. So no one is a loser, no one is a total idiot, and no one is actually that detestable. We all have our strengths.

I guess i am quite happy with my change thus far. Growing up is inevitable. As much we desire to continue with our carefree days as a innocent kid shielded from all the ugliness of the world, we can not have it so. And growth is not necessarily bad. Understanding more and seeing things more, make us appreciate the beautiful side of life more. All the pretty little things that we would have overlooked and fail to cherish when we are still the old shielded kid. If i hadn't gone through all this, I would never have realised how much i had valued a good education and how my dad had always been trying to help me to achieve what i want. How much he had cared for me. And my mom, i guess she express things in a different manner. But the fact that her disappointment is so great showed how much she had expected out of me. And i guess it is good to have people expecting certain standards from you. The day that people don't actually expect anything from you, would be time for you to do some self reflection haha.

And of course looking ahead i know that things may just get tougher, but well I am no longer the small kid and I guess I can handle it with His help.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mambo night

Woo hoo went for my debut mambo night last night! To my own surprise as well as others, I actually like mambo! Gosh. HAHA. It's really quite dif from the usual RnB that i go for but it's really FUN!! Very different in nature but still has its own unique charm. Haha but i still like RnB. I like BOTH. Mambo is alot less sleazy than RnB though. Quite nice.. but RnB is really hot too. Sleazy in a way but really hot. I like. :)

Argh really in Liz's words, 'I hate myself.' I am like so addicted to it already. I just want MORE. Ahhhhhh... maybe i should cold turkey myself. haha

Oh justin and his frenz were there too. N they were really nice to form a 'barricade' around us (me, liz n jia qian). So for once!! ahhh i can just dance in peace!!! No need to elbow ppl... no need to worry abt those disgusting fellows who try to come close to u... Ah haha jus pure enjoyment. Haha feels abit weird though, cos it's still a circle of guys around us like the usual situation just that this time it's people we know yay! N i have SPACE! haha

Ahhh i should really cold turkey myself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

freshmen orientation day

Like it or not, I am about to start my first year in uni as a 'freshie' as the OGLs termed it haha. quite a cute title but makes u feel so little and noobish.

oh well i am glad that this day is over. Made some new friends. Was dreading it a little last night. But oh well it turned out better than i had thought. Just go with an open mind and everything will be fine indeed.

Lucky for me the games played won't perverted or too sick in the mind. With the exception of the toothpick game. argh.. how i wish the guys in my OG will shave themselves CLEAN and wash their face more. So that up close it would be a lil more pleasant. argh.

Well the games are a little childish but well they did help us to open up more. Oh SIM have really cool CCAs though. Was very drawn to the sea sports club and diving club. Left my name at both booth. Haha and Liz and I signed up for tennis beginner course as well. N this entrepreneur club to enjoy the discount for classes and workshops as a member of the club. haha not gonna chiong for their exco or take up their projects. No time so yes in the senior's exact word 'just join us to enjoy the discount!'. They have really interesting courses, like language class, wine appreciation and a virtual stock exchange competition and many more.

really glad Liz went with me today if not probably the whole experience would have been so much more daunting. and we were dressed so run-down! we went in lau pok tee and FBT expecting to play some hard core games but ai yah it turned out to be all dainty. And everyone around us were all so well dressed! And comfortable in their flip flops. shit. pai seh.

One interesting thing, my OGL who is a guy and is 21 is in yr 3 now.. like how strange! And so bernice my new friend went to ask him and whoah turned out that he started doing his course part time while he is in NS and so now after transfering to full time he can go straight to yr 3. Just like Justin's friend. Like how driven lah. gosh typical rafflesian i supposed.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Special Day + CLUMP

This weekend had been quite well spent. Relaxed and spiritually renewing.

Saturday afternoon was spent at botanics with my cell group for special day. An event that takes place twice a year whereby cell members renew their commitment to cell and for new comers to take up the commitment to join and serve the cell in a chosen ministry if they are willing and ready to. This special day went really great and i really love it much more than the previous ones. Not that the previous ones weren't good but just that i enjoyed this one more. The whole setting was more lain back and relaxed. Nothing rah rah, no weird costume play, just beauty in its simplicity. Haha. We had picnic at botanics and the whole setting just gives u a fuzzy feeling and just so cosy and relaxed. So close to nature and so relaxed.. it felt like i can breath once again.

And picnic is really a great idea cos you get to talk to your cell mates more and bond more with them! Food was pot luck so each ministry had to prepare a dish that represented our job scope or ideals. Anyway so Pam, Joe and Shan came over to my place in the afternoon to prepare our pasta. Haha it was alfredo with ham. Its funny how that sourish taste of the pasta turned all 4 of us off at 1st but grew on each of us after the initial mouth of it. And we were really glad our cell loved it!!

The pasta actually made me realise something too. It just sparked off this thought. Like in life certain things that happen to us aren't pleasant at all at first bite, but if we were to give it more time and savour the taste more, you might find that sourish taste is appetising afterall. A total new refreshing experience that you never dream that you may like and the 'unpleasant' experience may very well be something you treasure for many years to come. Praise God for teaching me even through a pasta. But anyway I had a great time cooking with my fellow workers! haha and eating and fellowshipping with my cell!

Today was spent with my cell group just as well. After service, liz shan n i disappeared for Jazz class at amore 1st than after which shan n i went to marina park to meet up with our cell for Outreach!! Shan n cheryl brought along new frenz. N we had water gun n bomb games! haha. Wasn't really looking forward to it to be honest cause I'm simply not in the mood for anything rah-rah. I jus wanna play dead and rot. But i am glad i still went for it! cos it was MEGA fun! And poor wei shan. This girl is really cute man. After the game session, a couple of us decided to empty our water guns on her, and her friend that she invited joined in the fun as well. He threw a box over her so that she couldn't run off. In her attempt to run away, she actually tripped and fell and ended up rolling on the grass field like a....self rolling sushi? Haha it's like cardboard sushi with wei shan filling. We were so amused. No hard feelings yeah babe!

Anyway felt that this weekend was spent very differently from my usual days. No scouts. No rush. No stress. No hassle. No brooding. Just pure fun and fellowship with my cell. Letting God and my cell take away my time that I would have spent on brooding otherwise. Was glad to have devoted more time to my cell as i had set out to do this year! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Last night was really fun hanging out at eski bar with kenneth, Liz, Wei Shan and Yi Zhin.

I got a lil high though haha and decided to drink more than my usual. While shan and zhin stuck to their dainty cocktails, I had decided to go for beers and liquor haha. As for Liz, she seem to have graduated to a full fledged drinker. haha and me? I'm on my way lah!

Think I'm on this danger zone, cos i really like the effect of booze. It knocked me out totally last night. Not drunk but allowed me to fall into this DEEP DEEP slumber. no dreams no woes. Just perfect rest. Nice.

ok ok i'll watch it. Wouldn't wanna be a drunkard. so unglam. haha. mayb i should just stick to dainty cocktails. haha but they don't appeal as much already these days. i want harder stuff heh.

here's some crazy moments!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

blood and sweat

I'm dead beat. ARGH. Since i had nothing to do, I decided to jump on this opportunity to earn some extra pocket money for myself upon getting this lobang from my senior. but gosh. This is really really hard earned money.

I was subjected to the immense heat yesterday from 12-6pm out at sea and then today's morning rain and sultry weather again in the afternoon out at sea from 9-6pm. ARGH for 2 days (ok or 1.5 days to be exact as the way they counted), I was working at the MOE campsite FAR FAR AWAY at Lim Chu Kang as an assistant kayaking instructor for this camp for the sec 2 students from Yishun Sec.

And i am SHAGGED. AH hard earned money! but ok lah i got to kayak for free. but a lil overdose though. Cos i don't really fancy the times where i had to help turn the entire 'raft' of kayaks round when the campers all start drifting due to the current. And today saw an addition of rescue of capsized victims. I am shagged.

One thing i observed. Haha the boys and girls at this age are kind of awkward with each other. They were so reluctant to help each other. Beats me why.. maybe shy? haha. oh and the malays love to speak in malay n the chinese in mandarin... and they some how didn't respond well to my instructions in english. really difficult culture i guess from convent schools. haha.

But anyway i am shagged. but i am happy too that i managed to pull it off and impress them a lil since i managed to kayak faster than them (like duh... if not i shd jus sink my kayak n die) and i managed to squeeze out the strength from my limited muscle mass to push kayaks into the right direction and orientation and also to move the entire raft. i surprised myself. Oh well i'm glad that i didnt throw my face and prove to those lil brats who look down on gals that hey! i am more zai den u so u shd jolly well listen to me. Beats me why some of the boys refuse to listen to u and even roll their eyes at u when u are tryin to help them out. ego?

oh and now time for snippets. Don't say i always write about other people's moment. I shall write about mine. Had 2 embarrassing incidents on the train home during these 2 days consecutively. argh.

Exhausted I fell asleep in the train. Seated beside me was this blangah worker. N i started rocking in my slumber and *plop* i landed on his shoulder. It was EWWW and instant embarrassment. So what did i do? I sat up straight right away, looked in front and what was it that just happened?

Driven by extreme fatigue, I actually drifted to la la land while standing. N my knees suddenly weakened and buckled. Stunned I was yanked out of my dreamland right away. I stood up firmly just in time to see the lady standing beside me's expression. Eye ball almost popping in that instance.