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Sparkles of Life

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gals nite out in Mid Autumn

Hadn't been blogging as much as i used to do haha. Really not much time to spare. Sorry my dear blog :) I'll adorn u with more photos now.

Wednesday 26/9/07
Back to childhood night with lanterns and sparklers. Haha hadnt celebrated mid autumn festival since like donkeys years ago. Really cool to have this mini celebration. Brought back a fond nostalgic warm fuzzy feeling to the heart. Recalled how i used to celebrated it with my grandparents and aunt as a child. Our family would dragged out tables and chairs to the porch outside our house back down. Grandma would make tea and we would really savour our mooncake, sip tea and look at the bright silvery shimmery moon. Then being fire-phobic, i had those electronic music playing cartoon lanterns while my aunt would help me light n carry for me the paper fire kind. haha

Anyway enough of reminiscence. now for pictures. :)

the grumpy boy made to bear the shame of being an over-aged kid.

Thursday 27/9/09
Gals Night out! Really glad we took time off to catch up as we had promised a month ago. So this is the official first installment of our monthly meet-up which is supposed to be the 3rd week of every month. :) heh.

Anyway, 4 gals pity more couldnt join us but we had tonnes of fun nonetheless. And goodness we really know how to pig out. 2 pizzas, 2 bottles of booze, and half a dozen of chicken wings! No music this time at walas cos we weren't upstairs but nah.. who says we need entertainment? we ourselves are the greatest entertainment to ourselves haha. And so we sat there, eating, chatting and drinkin our night away. And of cos the night was filled with lightning flashes. heh! tonnes of wacky photos taken! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Villa Bali


Had a really busy schedule on saturday. Tuition in the morning with the kids at gan eng seng primary, den cell in the afternoon and finally the most anticipated dinner date at villa bali. After a pretty much stressful and tiring week (dun noe y but just really easily tired these days), dinner on saturday was really such a bliss. And what's more, some one even bothered to dress up and surprise me with flowers. Thanks for making elmo feel like a lil princess. :)

And Villa Bali really lived up to my expectations and even surpassed it. The ambience was so so good. The dim lighting, the traditional instrumental pieces played, the whole nature setting, really creates this illusion that one is on a holiday vacation at some off shore resort. Makes me yearn for a beach resort holiday! As for the food and drinks, it's just as great as the place. :)

OH and one more! haha it serves Midori Melon! yay! dun really see it in any other pubs in spore. Tried it in UK after david intro liz and i to it. :)


Vibrant colours
Cheers and laughters
Silly acts and impressive stunts
Teasing the crowd giddy

No one looks down
No one jeers
Not in the open

As the light goes off
As the curtain close
Darkness fall
And his heart retreats to an even darker spot

Who's to hear?
Who's to say?
Emptiness inching its ways
deeper and deeper

Doesn't matter what others say
Doesn't matter what they think
But his heart it matters

Uncertainty clouds his mind
Fear stabs at his heart
Pain scorns at his exuberant demeanour

As the lights turn on
As the curtain drew
Behind that visage of happiness
That air of confidence exuded
No one knows.

The crowd applaud
A sound of encouragement
A sound of appreciation
Yet all heard was the deafening silence of forlornness

Saturday, September 22, 2007

walas and adam's social nite

Kinda brain dead now since i am really tired, having just returned from adam's ocs social night and being rather sleep deprived lately (though i think that shouldn't be the case). so i'm just gonna anyhow blog and blabber. la laa la

It had been an eventful 2 days. Hung out with justin n his friends at walas on thursday night. Felt abit strange and awkward at first and perhaps even intimidated by this bunch of new friends who are all older than me. All 2 years my senior. It's just really weird. But they's really friendly lah especially jess (ij senior) and xiao feng, so heh it wasn't so bad afterall. I had fun. N without realising i actually finished like 1 and half bottle of stella artois and stopped only when xiao feng prompted me 'hui tou shi an' and did his cute lil monk pose. LOL hilarious. but yeah lucky i stopped too cos i realised that i had to exercise abit of control and concentration to walk properly after that.

And today was Adam's OCS social night. Haven't seen him for ages really. The last time we wanted to catch up I fell sick instead and I was always caught up with scouts stuff otherwise. So finally we met up today and had some catching up. I was really sian when i found out only in the cab that the venue was at Tuas. MY goodness! might as well just go m'sia right? But oh well never mind since we're cabbing there. Upon reaching, however, all my sian-ness was dispelled by the sight of the lovely dining area. Tables were nicely set up on this little patch of green field which is right next to the sea where rows and rows of yachts were docked. Dining alfresco at a marina. What a beautiful setting. :)

Anyway setting aside, it was really unexpected for me to be able to see so many familiar faces there. I bumped into so many people! Friends from SA, SA 1st 3 mths OG, frm IJ and even people from my primary school. Both guys and gals. OH and i met kai xiang too! fellow scout from my batch of aspire. OH and yes my fellow IBM lecture mate Amanda and my FOD OG mate Bernice. It's really cool. And i made new friends too. And the funkiest thing was my new friend this gal that sat beside me and at times just as bored as me was Amanda's friend. It's a small world afterall!

Oh and yes. Thanks dude for your flowers and choc! haha saving you from your extra duties is actually quite a good bargain! Since i only have to act pretty and got free choc and flowers. LOL. Thanks my friend! nice catching up!

Pity i had to take down the photo previously posted and there shall be no other photos to prevent the possibility of mass circulation.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

day 5- Windermere

Wednesday 25/7/07 10.43am

on our way to windermere. Breakfast at YHA was sumptuous. First train just now was old and reminds you of those air plane and train in the 60s. Very vintage. Quite funky actually. Got to change train at another station before we can head st. to windermere. Luggaes are really heavy and my hands are getting blisters.

Changed train at Wigan. Cam-whored abit while waiting. Gonna change again at Lake district station. DAMN. Keep changing. And my blistered hand is giving way soon. 1 finger is already starting to show tiny traces of blood. :(

Virgin train now. The modern one not the vintage train just now haha.

Changed to yet another train at Oxenholme before finally reaching Windermere. The hostel Lake District Backpacker's Lodge was not too shabby. The room is even smaller than Piccadilly though, but at least the bed and comforter is decent.

Due to some cock ups, the 3 rooms booked wasn't booked and only one roomwas booked. So Liz bunked in with my mom and I, while david and eu wen went to check into a budget hotel nearby.

Went for a boat ride at the lake. Good scenery but the wind was way too chilly. The ride was 1/2 an hour per trip. And we just laze our day away. Back at the hostel now. Waiting for dinner.

our tiny room, so tiny that no one have space to even walk around. either sit on the bed or sit like liz on the window sill.

cold rock chill out and more foto updates

After much persuasion and my incessant pestering, Liz had very graciously agreed to accompany me for the trial class for my school's singing club. Had always been toying with the idea of signing up for the singing club since the last cca booth day during my freshmen orientation day but the membership fees and the cost of the singing lessons were such huge source of deterence and also the fact that no one else wanted to join with me.

But after listening to the singing competition in school last friday (my goodness, the guys competing really can sing!! the girls apart from the malay girl were quite a disappointment though), intoxicated by the whole atmosphere and the voices of those Cao ge sound-a-like dudes, i decided to approach the booth and enquire more. I was told that I can have a trial lesson at the cost of 14 bucks if I'm uncertain as to whether i would wanna join so there it is! I found myself wanting to run for the door the very moment i stepped into the class yesterday! Argh!! And liz was late cos of she had stuff prior to this. And finally when she arrived, she was even more embarrassed and uneasy than me. And so before the formal class actually start (the actual teacher have yet to arrive, a senior was teaching the class the basics), Liz and I decided to escape the class and escape paying the 14 bucks.

And so to celebrate our smart move and Liz's record for the shortest time stayed in a CCA (less than 10 mins.. maybe even 5 mins), we headed to holland v to have dinner and we found a newly open ice cream bar!! The ice cream there is really funky cos u get to choose the flavours and the toppings u want and they will mix it for you. And mind you, the toppings are not just the usual fruits n nuts but also stuff like gummy bears, m&ms, mars bars, nutella, marshmellows and SO MANY more. And they will 'cold fry' your ice cream for you like in tepanyaki just that it's not frying but mixing the toppings in and blending the ice cream flavours. AHHH it's heavenly. And the chair we were sitting on was funky too! We were seated on swing and indulging in our ice cream.

our ferrero and peanut butter ice cream with marshmellows and gummy bears

With such heavenly indulgence, one cant help but go 'WOW' and 'LOL' haha. la la la we r lame.

And now for more photos. yay! more photos!

Warning: photo overload may cause weariness for the eyes.

First up Run For Hope photos!

Next up Kenneth's belated birthday celebration at island creamery on monday night! :)

our birthday boy and his way too hard to saw cake

Sunday, September 16, 2007

8km and more (updates n fotos!)

Okie so the day had finally arrived and i am glad i made it safe and sound. So here i am (thank God) able to blog in perfect condition, which means that i had made it through for my run this morning. Had to wake up at 6.45 (but no complaint really! since justin n liz had to wake up even earlier to travel down to harbourfront!) and we were still late for the run since we are like queens at dilly dallying haha (sorry boy!). And so the crowd had flagged off without us, and Liz n i had to hurry to the start point to deposit liz's bag while justin had decided to join in the crowd. I was jokin to liz that maybe next year we shd bring a shovel and just bury our belongings so we don't have to rush to the start off point to deposit our bag. haha joking!

Anyway the run was good and it's even better and more satisfying to know that i am running for a good cause! i have to run faster though. I think towards the end, even a cement mixer (those heavy vehicle) can travel faster den me. DAMN. Anyway no photos till i kope em!

And I am really gonna burn in hell. walking with liz around harbourfront mall after lunch before we went to mug was a mistake!! I had stupidly dug into my bank once again! Argh. But i just couldnt resist such a good offer. And so i bought a pair of heels at 17 dollars. sigh. Liz bought more though haha and i guess I have a companion to burn in hell with me. haha!

So here's my new shoe! Pretty!! And very very easy to match. It matches so perfectly with jeans and my dresses.

New shoe

And i've finally decided on the perfect thing to wear for a not so formal and yet quite formal event called social night.

And as I was tryin to find a shoe box to squeeze in my new buy, I decided to take a look at the shoes i own over the years. Decided to take a picture of them and paste it on the boxes as labels so that my mom wouldn't keep placing them in the wrong box and causing me so much agony finding in the morning. But yeah the number is pretty shocking. And I have yet to include my pair of boots and my sneakers.

And anyway here are the photos for last week. :) Circus carnival (gangshow) and UGYF

Net making (to hold the balloons up before we release them at the end of the show. But too bad the gaps were too big and the balloons released themselves instead haha) and our beautiful masks made by our juniors.

moments of madness (de-stress)

Scouts at UG Youth Leaders Conference.

My Group! really nice ppl!

And just us! My friends and fellow scouts. :)

And just something interesting. Since the mooncake festival is just round the corner, my dad just usual had bought the family some mooncakes. Knowing my obsession with the yokes, daddy always would buy me the one from this restaurant that had 6 yokes in it. And over the years, I had been joking about wanting a 8 yoke mooncake. And guess what? I got my wish this year. Daddy's friend gave him a mooncake that's 8 yokes! Gosh and it is BIGGER den even my face... And even more amazing justin's face (no offense dua tao :p). sadly, the yokes tasted artificial.. some lah.. i suspect it's a mixture of real and fake yokes.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

unknown fatigue

I have no idea why but this week i just keep feeling so tired! so sleep deprived... so lethargic. to think my 8km run for hope is this coming sun! How the hell am i to run? And i had only managed to cover 8km once and 5km twice in my little training.

Tried to run on wednesday but all i can squeeze out was just 5km. And yesterday not giving up i ran again but this time worse, i only covered barely 3 km. sigh. why am i so tired? i have no idea man. And my back aches too. :(

Anyway readings are piling up whoosh and i have no time to blog. And my UK trip is still not even 1/4 covered. Oops sorry will blog soon. :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Breathing again

My hell week was finally OVER.

Gangshow went really well and really totally unexpected. The amphi's acoustic was fabulous and the audience was really spontaneous. Think the echo and the poppers actually encouraged the crowd to be more merry. In short it was cosy and totally a blast. Praise God for creating this miracle. No slip-ups despite the VERY last min planning. N for turning our messed up net hanging from the 2nd tier of the amphi into something artistic and great in eyes of the guests. Praise the Lord!

And the UG youth conference turned out to be not jus meaningful as i had hoped for but interesting and engaging as well! Really love it. N i love my group too. People from all UGs all coming together with a common goal to promote and bring UG to greater heights. All dif groups coming as a family. Gosh it jusst gives me that warm fuzzy feeling!

kk no pics for now. till i kope em from people. MUAHAHA.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Washing Machine

I am feeling like a... it's a indescribable feeling... but it reminds me of a washing machine. So yes, I feel like a washing machine!!!!

Everything seem to just snowball tonight. AHHH one thg leads to another n another.

there's barely time to mug, and the notes are piling up so much to read yet so little time. And even this lil bit of time is being threatened to b robbed away if i don't guard it safe. And my campfire seems so screwed up. N i fear man. Don't think i have as much anxiety last time in the midst of projects. Gosh. but this time i just feel so UNPREPARED. though, we have outsource most of the work, i think it gives me this sense of insecurity just co-ordinating cos i really don't know exactly how have they progressed. N we have to monitor closely. Gosh.

And somehow, a part of my brain seems to love giving reminders n flash backs of the past. AH i am afraid of repeating my past mistakes. I am painfully reminded of them. and i become so cautious about guarding my time. And it is really no good cos end up i am stressing myself ever more. And if i am not careful i am back to my self-pity days of lamenting over my life. NO.


'Dear Lord i pray that You'll see us through this campfire. Please Lord. And please empower me with the strength to face the challenges of the coming week.'