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Sparkles of Life

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

calligraphy and muffins

My day is burnt yet again. one more application to go but yet it is taking so long sigh. n i really wanna start mugging. It's good lah. at least now i have regained that burning desire to mug. i am really happy to feel my old mugger self returning. it has deserted me for quite a while causing me to screw my mock to bits.

anyway so though today was burnt. it was burnt right. Woke up in the morning to be a nice daughter and show my dad my support! Went down to view the calligraphy exhibition with him at waterloo street, in which one of his work is on display. though it wasn't in the grand hall area, it's still cool to have your work exhibited and definitely something that i want to encourage him and show him my support. And though i know nuts about calligraphy, those pieces at the grand hall area are really fascinating. Now i finallly know where they are called master pieces by professional calligrapher. they're really not just words but a piece of art. each word seem to have its own soul and spirit lah.

Love the word 'wu' (dance). Don't you think the word really dances?

The master (my dad) and his piece.

doesn't this look like it's typed? but no it's handwritten flawlessly

chinese 'graffitti'. so cool lah.

anyway after this i went down to teach. YAY! it's my last lesson with my class of p2 brats. And i'm glad i finally subdued them today. They really went back to their seats n shut up after i growled at them. HURRAY! And after class, i went down to meet Liz to show our support to the new muffin man in town. haha

and we bumped into Euwen! haven't met him for darn long!! Gosh. So it was a mini reunion.

Us and the muffin man david.

Then it was dinner with daddy mommy and aunt. Praise the Lord. God is truly gracious. my aunt didnt even pop that censored question at all! both at yesterday's dinner and today's. goodness. Praise God. He really saved me yet again.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the cam whores

Yummy birthday cake!

Awesome Prezzies!

I was so stunned by this collage lah. Never once imagine i would recieve a collage for birthday. Never thought that there will be people willing to painstakingly do a collage for me. Thanks for all who chipped in and thank you jussypok!!!!!

The Group Shot

The Gals at e supposed Girls' Nite out

05S65 babes

master minds

The coolest MOE temp staff

SA Rovers We rock!

All my Prezzies!!!! :)))

And.... not forgetting my beautiful manicure that i didnt intentionally wanna splurge on but to kill time.

lovely bdae surprises amidst nomad life

This week was really really eventful and memorable. First of all leading a life as a nomad is not a piece of cake at all. Makes me wonder how the mongolians can do that! And second my wonderful birthday surprises. Thirdly, i pass my Golf PC test! :)

11 March
Ok, because of retarded situations and a even more retarded me, i find myself packing my bag and leaving my house early in the morning so that i won't have to bump into my auntie who is coming to stay over. Anyway the story goes like this: mom lie to aunt stuff abt me which i have to continue which is against my principles and therefore retarded me got forced out of my house. Since the check in time for my hotel 81 is at 2pm I have lots of time to waste before i can set off. So after stoning at the bus stop and thinking i decided to go to the BK at tanjong pagar. sat there and enjoy my breakfast till 11 plus and decided to go for a manicure to pamper myself since it's my birthday eve and i pity myself. lol

So checked in at 2pm. And hotel 81 turned out to be better than i imagine. It's not that shabby as i thought and it's not as complex as myth says. So i was really happy in my little cosy haven. Happily watching tv and surfing the internet and msn with my lappy.

Anyway i asked liz out for dinner which she couldn't cos of tuition and justin who promised to pop by suddenly say that he couldn't too. So nvm i still have my msn n tv. But guess what? At around 12 plus, I heard a din outside my room which i decided to check out for my safety sake. What i saw just stunned me. There i saw liz, weishan, yizhen, justin all struggling to get into their standby position. I panicked. I was in the all set to go to bed state and my phone started ringing. ahhh i was just so surprised. THANKEW sweeties. Anyway i opened the door in my unglam state and i'm so touched lah. Oh and there's zi jie too but i didnt see him cos he was right behind the door, my blind spot. Anyway thanks peeps. You guys are so sweet lah. Goodness. They're all so cute. With all the party hats and stuff. And so i have my first birthday cake for this year and my absolutely adorable presennt. AHHH so cute! muacks love it. And liz stayed over with me at the hotel so i have company for the night.

12 March
Woke up after a great night and went down to lunch with justin together with liz. Korean BBQ!!! and yummlicious korean food. had bbq beef, yuk gae jang, seafood pancake, fried glass noodles, and korean condiments. ate till we burst. And it's free for the birthday gal :) thanks!

After lunch, it was diva session with marilyn at k box followed by dinner at this japanese western food restaurant at clarke quay with marilyn, joyce and yu ning. Love the restaurant. great ambience and great service and food. Hung out at Cuba Libre after dinner with marilyn and joyce before returning back to my cosy haven, hotel 81.

Marilyn went to bunk in with me. And fortunately she did, cos after all the intense pigging out i felt sick. My stomach totally turned upside and i just exploded in the toilet. Thank goodness marilyn was around and she had to run to the reception to get me tissue. And she didnt mind the stench as well. sigh my goodness.

wat a memorable birthday night

13 March
Woke up really early in the morning to wave goodbye to marilyn (she had to go back to school) and i flopped right back to bed till 10 plus. Went to cheers to grab some food for breakfast. And started packing my bag and happy that i could go home. But guess what? I called home to double check only to find out that my aunt will only move back on sat. And i only booked my room for 2 nights. After a stressful session of intense thinking, i decided that to still check out of the hotel and move to liz's house.

So i went back home while no one was around to unload some stuff and grab some clean clothes and then it was off to Liz's. Many thanks to the gal and her godma. So gracious of them to let me stay over at their place. And i got to know liz's niece who's so cute. haha

Met up with jaime for dinner. More present and concern. Really felt like a lil princess. After that is movie (10000 BC) with justin. Boring show. haha disappointment.

14 March
Went to shop at harbourfront in the morning with Liz for a dress for girls' nite out cos i forgot to bring a dress. Stupid nomad life. Then it was PC test at the executive golf club which we all passed yay!

Finally it was the supposed Girls Nite Out at CHIJMES which turned out to be a birthday celebration for me. My goodness. So wed was like the decoy and the prelude. Goodness. I was so stunned when someone shoved a cake in front of me from behind my back. I thought it was a waiter at first till i took a second glance and was totally stunned! it was justin AND a HUGE crowd of people behind. Many thanks to all who came: Kenneth, Zi Jie, Jia Jun, Ker Han, Wei Hao, Sherman, Austin, Grace, Lydia, Guo Sheng, Mark, Xiao Feng, Justin, Jesmine, Steph Soh, Liz, Wei Shan, Yi Zhen, And all the present. and special thanks to the planning comm of all the surprises! part 1 and 2. And special thanks to justin who did the collage. Thanks jussypok! heard you stayed till 3am everyday to do it. It'ss really really pretty and awesome.

ok tooo many fotos. so let's save e fotos for e next post. A post of photos :)

15 March
It's finally HOME SWEET HOME!!!! AHHHHH. *sniff*

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

welcome to singapore *smilez*

For 3 days time, the Singapore Scouts Association transformed into the association of thousand smilez. It was a super hectic and madness weekend starting from friday. Woke up at like 3.15am just so that we can all be at the airport by 4 plus in time to receive our 1st flight of the day at 5 plus. It was really really crazy and exhausting over the next few days as we usher the delegates all around singapore.

The representatives of all the scouts association over the world was here on sunny singapore for the past 3 days to see what we got to offer for the world should we win the bid for Jamboree 2015. Though everyone was so shag and i am exhausted, I feel really happy at the same time and burning with pride to be a part of this. Over the 3 days, you can see everyone moving together in one spirit with a single aim of doing our best to play host and make our guests feel as comfortable as poosible and of course have a really good memory of Singapore and hopefully win us the bid for Jam2015.

So fatigue aside, there's lots of pride and also a very very good learning experience and exposure. Seldom do you get anny chance of meeting soooo maany people from different countries (over a 120!) all at one shot! And i really honed my PR skills. I had to make small talks with soo many people from different countries ALL the time and of course smile my best. *SHIMLEZ ka-ching*

And these people are all people of high status and some are hell rich. I was so excited lah. Talked to a perm sect of MOE in thailand, a carpet dealer from Jordan, a priest from Jamaica, the Jam directors of UK Sweden and Korea, a legal advisor to the state from Mongolia, and JUST SOOO MUCH more. and the richest this daktur from Brunei. He reminds me of a gold bar lah.

Anyway so tonnes of fotos taken. haha OH and i noe our newest terminal 3 of our dear changi airport at the back of my hand too! And it's really cool on friday. We're all given a pass that allow us entrance and exit thru the departure gate to fetch our guests right when they emerge from the gangway! and together with our professional greeters (they r really professional man! they can make small talks very easily n they shuttle ard the 3 terminals, and they work long hours BUT they still maintain their smile and professionalism), we escort our guests all the way through the imigration and out of arrival and to the carpark where their BMW or Mercz awaits them. How nice. And the cycle repeats again.

This was our itinery for sat and sun:
visited: the delegates visited the obs and the proposed jam site while we went to jalan kayu to get prata and wait after that for their return at punggol jetty, NEWater plant, delegates have gala dinner with the President while we home sweet home
visited: st george's church (it's beauuuutifulll!! and the congregation is sooo friendly! thank goodness! so we weren't so lost and our delegates are HAPPI!), Sungei Buloh, Science centre (our delegates are so thrilled by the exhibits! Mr CockCroft from UK even commented to Mr Burbridge frm Ireland Mr Goran from Sweden that he felt like he's a lil boy again)!, Gala dinner with the minister whic we help usher once again and get to kope the food but no table n chair too bad. haha

Haha so 3 days ended with really really sore feet but lots of fond memories. And oh I swop a scarf too with our delegate from astonio. I was the last to swop scarf and i was left with sooo little options! And even the only one i noe, Mr. Zambia, weishan beat me to it. BUT heh heh. God save the best for the last. So Mr. Astonia was really really nice and agree to swop with me though his scarf is so brand new! it'ss his first time wearing it and it is their newly designed scarf. The scarf was designed last year specially for the 1st of Aug 2007. How cool and meaningful and he also wanted my woggle which of course without a doubt i gave! He ggave me his instead which is SOOO nice!! it's Baden Powell. Haha.

Mr Patrick from Botswana, Mr Okello Richard from Uganda, Mr Soares from Jamaica

Ms Lilit from Armenia

Ms Inga and 2 gentlemen

love the exotic wear! :)

Mr Goran from Swedenon the right

Mr Jordan second to left

frm left: Serbia and Montenegro, (i forgot. SORRY!), Macedonia

The whole family of sea scouts helping out.

we the camwhores

Mr Burbridge from Ireland on the right

Mr Bragi Bjornsson from Iceland

Mr Slovakia

Left:Mr Peter Thogersen from Denmark
Right: Mr Johan Ekman from Finland

Mr and Miss Africa

I'm guessing Egypt?

Mr Astonia! we swopped scarves :)

Ms Czech republic