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Sparkles of Life

Thursday, February 21, 2008

No one shall read

Monday, February 18, 2008

another good news

Another piece of good news.

University of Western Australia offering me a place for Arts and theirs includes Psychology. So i can still pursue Psyc as a major. My my. so tempting.

But my rough calculation, this path could easily be up to a 100K. HELP. If i do psyc and do it well to masters for 6 yrs, it's really gonna cost a million dollars. How can this be possible?

Let's say i grad with a degree 1st and work first before i pursue masters, what jobs can i hold for psyc degree? mayb can try marketing or whatever lah.

so risky. so much to think. and so much to pray over. and i guess i havent been very diligent in my quiet time. too busy churning out mind maps for exams (start NEXT WEEK! ARGH). HAVE TO really spend QUALITY time with Him. I need to discern His will for me.

oh and time really really flies. Cant imagine. I am actually baptised for like 2 months alr and my confirmation is just next sunday! my goodness. God is gracious. so so gracious. Never thought i could get my parents' consent to get baptised and confirmed and I did. Never thought a reject would be wanted. But here comes all the good news. Truly truly the Lord is gracious.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Facing the giants

watched this movie yesterday at cell group.

it was such an encouraging and inspiring movie!! Love it! Now it's time to hunt for the vcd. it's really the kind of movie to watch when life sucks or whe u feel so down and discouraged.

it's such an uplifting movie. And truly, Nothing is impossible with God. To Him be the glory.

dream come true and fly back to reality


wonderful dream come true. but just like cinderella in fairy tale. once the clock strikes 12. there it goes.

so back to reality abraham. at least u have a little fairy tale.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


i am sooo pissed and upset lah.

Heard over the radio of the news of fees hike by NUS and NTU.

It's soooo UNFAIR lah. current students no hike, still same rates. NEW INCOMING STUDENTS TOOO BAD. 4% MORE. WHERE'S E LOGIC????

Overseas, when fees are revised, it's still done across ALL levels. so whether u're new or old, u still have to pay the new revised rate. ISN'T THIS LIKE MORE FAIR? Damn lah really. I really detest, abhor this stupid system.n so u make the incoming like batch pay more to support the supposed increment in expenditure incurred by ALL levels of student. it's just pure retarded. no logic.

And i really dun noe why am i re-applying to get into retard schools. GRRR.

But i cant go abroad either. It's just soooo much factors to consider. The $$, my parents r not young anymore, wiping out their savings is so selfish of me, and worse if i cant find a job after i grad with a foreign arts degree, and i will be away for so long what will happen to my parents. WTH...

I just wanna be a student from a good reputed college, to be given more exposure and opportunities. WHY IS IT SO HARD! retarded lah seriously.

Monday, February 11, 2008

what the hell

i am happy with my lil goodd news. but guess what? i am so unhappy with my parents' nonchalant response. sigh...

can u imagine? my dad was even happier when i got accepted into SIM last year. Like HELLO? UNSW is so much better. I really really feel so sadden. They just don't share my joy.

And i really wanna go n be merry tonight. but who to ask?

Guess good news came a year late. so even if it came, it will just be met with nonchalance. shrugs.

oh well congrats to myself n back to my mind map!! prelim like 2 weeks later. but i am still so not in e mood to mug and so super unprepared. arghhh

i am not a reject

YAY! new year and good news!!

elmo the reject here is finally a reject no more. oh my goodness. can u believe it?!

I cant even believe my own two eyeballs when i read my letter of offer. my goodness!!

UNSW is offering me a place for Arts n Social Science! :) oh yay.

but aiyah no moolah... $_$

no money how how??

a part of me is still doubting. haha worry they will change their mind. LOL

but no MONEY.

fortunately for july intake i still hv some time before the online acceptance open (abt a mth more i thk b4 it opens). so i got a bit of time more to thk about it. but not that much time oso. so scary. places r still on first accept first serve basis. if my acceptance come late n places r all taken up den bye bye UNSW... argh shitty.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


hid away from the cny celebration at sentosa siloso beach. sadly, i don't think i feel very much recharged from this short escapade. Spent most of the time like 95% of e time in the hotel, of which another 95% is spent in the room vegetating in front of the tv with my notes and the other 5% at the swimming pool. Gosh. felt quite guilty somehow that i just rotted the time away. And yeah i guess i am quite bored also. I am such a sucker at muggin lah. I am soo bored w my notes lah. And i realise that i feel caged if i stay in a place for too long. I really get bbored when i stay in e room for too long. unlike my cousin who is really like wat she says, 'in her own world'. I am a beast. ROAR

ok lah the retreat also highlights to me how different we are. Known her since young, but i realised that i actually know quite little of her. And i guess yupz we're really different people, in all aspects. in taste, in ideas, in values, in principles, in thkin, in beliefs, in personality, in behaviours. whoah seh.

Okie now check out the cam-whores (ok lah just me actly. i dragged my cousin in most of e time)

our room- notice the toilet door! the hinge is on the inside of the shower area. how clever.

settling in..

retarded sentosa water which cost more than ur usual mineral water because it's OXYGENATED.

ambitious plan. but we mug onli like 1-3% of it. LOL

not too bad views for a budget resort

breakfast area. last pic- 3rd day morning breakfast

the beach on day 2 morning!! ahhh sniff i want more! LOL

Happening moments at Cafe Del Mar when jussypok came to visit on day 1 night.

breath-taking views. day 2 night.

more pictures on my facebook!! :)

anyway here's a snippet:
day one night, i couldn't sleep well cos of the the stupid pillow which just flattens and not support. so i woke up in e middle of the night, and turned to see the bed opposite. I couldnt see my cousin! she's missing. then i realised, she's just under the blanket. But she's so petite that i thought the blanket was just crumpled...

Good old Abraham

realised i didnt take a picture of this:

pretty pretty :)

I will be good old abraham...

Back from sentosa. whole cny holiday spent offshore. will blog abt it later.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

one down

traumatic moment. why must i go throught it twice. hai. LOL

to think that second time shd b more pro right? i still get so emotionally worked up and stressed out. anyway so one application down.

thanks jussypok for editing and being patient.

so this time round it's:
1) Social Science ( pls let me in!!!)
2) Info System (ahem... i thk i will sooo die even if i get in)
3) econs
4) biz
5) law (pui as tho i can get in haha)

Anyway grrr idp is soo slow in their response. i need help w my monash aplication :(

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

lil rosie died finally.

As the petals withers away
so does time passed away
just like water in cupped hands, drip by drip they seeped away

As the last chapter conclude, a new story unfold
Memories linger but reality fade
Choices delude, the time has come.

Monday, February 4, 2008


roses (or rather rose) on 21 jan.

still alive today

my rose, growing strong

But the day has to come. Good bye my rose...