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Sparkles of Life

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Delayed post update on Chicago. another beautiful city with great architecture, though I still prefer Boston for its english feel.

photo summary time :D

Kicking start with the spacious lux room at the hyatt place
Art Institvte Chicago
Millenium Park

Skydeck with its unique glass lookouts

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Another photo summary of the really beautiful trip to the beautiful city of Boston. Love Boston for its really english feel. :)
Kicking off our Boston trip @ Legal Seafood
Exploring Boston's rich historical heritage on the Freedom Trial with our cute (slightly mad) guide
Freedom trial ending at the Quincy market
inside the market

JFK Museum
Parting dinner with the group (thank you for the good time spent together exploring the east coast)

time flies with a lil cam-whoring at Boston Airport while waiting for our flight to Chicago

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I heart NY

Too much stuff done. Too lil time on the computer each night with limited internet access. So here's the belated entry on New York. And time really just keep flying past!! It's already my 2nd night in Boston and tmr will be the last. awww~~

So pictures speak a thousand words, here we go:
Times Square NY
Central Park

NY Subway
Manhatten skyline
Statue of Liberty
Chicago @ Broadway
Christian City Church Manhatten
Wall Street with the statue of George Washington
Ground Zero (previously the World Trade Centre before Sept 11)
The WTC memorial museum
Korean Dinner
Night view on Empire State Building

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello New York

Happy to have J coming over n spent the 2 days before gg to New York just chillin out in San Diego. Went down to the zoo w Laura on e 1st day. E lovely gal skipped all her classes to b with us aww. Followed by dinner w so yeon jk jinny n Laura n the day ended with our Chinese poker game session w Laura n Jackie.

The next day was spent just chilling out at fashion valley n driving to LA. Stumbled upon sunset market along our way at Oceanside n it's pretty awesome.

N after a torturous night of flight, we finally arrive in NY n joined by e rest of our travelling mates. NY is pretty good so far. It feels really different from California n much closer to e America we perceive on TV. Pretty cool n I'm looking forward to seeing more of NY tmr!!

N again welcome J! N thanks for taking care of me.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


just filed my petition finally for transcript change. after DAYS of going around campus meeting professors and deans to obtain the signatures to approve of my petition to the academic senate. i feel almost like those crazy maniac fans who go after the celebs for signatures. it's so energy and mood draining.

and now it's just trying to live with the anxiety of uncertainties. mongolia project and transcript.
fingers crossed and constant prayers. May the my prince of peace save the day again for me.

on the rock of ages I shall stand.

Monday, April 5, 2010


apprehension rises
But faith surges...

as time slowly fades away and we're moving closer and closer to stepping into mongolia and executing my dream of two years. there's just so much uncertainties and lack of confidence. issues emerged as issues are resolved. however at the same time, praise God that instead of crumbling, I feel a mounting strength coming to face the challenges. I'm prepared.

touched by His love
my soul finds rest...

counting grace

Thank you for the grace shown in blessing me with...
a wonderful school term on exchange
the wonderful friendships and great companion of sincere friends
more than just a shelter wherever I go but the warmth and hospitality of friends

Happy Easter!
my lord You died, You live, You always will be...the One and Only.

my 1st and fave chinese friend
my room upgrade :)
my fave korean people! :)

Felt the tremor of the earthquake in Mexico. 1st ever experience of an earthquake. pretty thrilling :)
Shaking starts...
Me: is it an earthquake
Laura: seems like maybe...
desk and seats shaking more intensely, cupboard burst opened
Laura: Should we escape?
Screaming in the background
Me: I think maybe...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

cry me a river

one stupid mistake of falling into the trap of the ambiguous phrasing of "letter" led to the totally intellectually challenged mistake of choosing the wrong option for transcript led to the current tragedy and potential catastrophe of not being able to transfer any of the credits back...

will i have to end up taking special semester and overloading with 6 mods per sem till i grad?

Lord save me~~~

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hobo life really pushes the boundary of independence. After the thousand miles travel to Canada n back I find myself more comfortable n daring to travel alone in a foreign land.

So following the shopping n dinner with myself at UTC yesterday, I took a bus out today again for lunch n all e way to balboa park to meet kexin & co. With the aid of google map of cos. Wonders of technology.

N now I'm chilling out at a cafe in balboa while waiting for e rest to arrive. I really enjoy chilling out by myself at cafe, just people watching. :)

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