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Sparkles of Life

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Because of You on piano

awww stumbled upon this awesome piano piece to my all time favourite song! whoever u are. you're amazing :)


Just had my second session of drum class!! WOOOHOO!!! second lesson is even more exhilarating than the first!! cos we finally can drum something out!! but the pace of the class is really super fast like a roller coaster ride. it really reminds me of studying japanese in NUS. everything goes at lightning speed.

and so we learn the quarter beat last week and tonight we have moved on to the 8th beat and even started on the 16th beat. wow! super duper steep learning curve. And we also did 2 drum fill-ins. AWWWWW.... lessons r really both stressful and exhilarating.

and since joe and mich cant make it today, it was just me kim n aaron. and we had more drum time per person. but time really flies tonight. 2 hours flew pass in the blink of the eye. Guess it just means that i really had a good time. haha even though i am a slow learner with psycho-motor problem (and it doesnt help to drum after aaron who pick up new rhythmn quickly like saving document in a thumbdrive). really glad the teacher was really patient n kind n let me dabble it at my pace n get it myself.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

weird n scary day

oh my goodness, today was really really freaky lah!!! i was peacefully muggin at starbucks but got cut short n now i'm back home still a lil shaken.

episode 1:
earlier in the afternoon, some random guy came up to me, thinking he's asking for help, i removed my ear piece to hear him out. "Hi can i be your friend?" OH MY GOODNESS random shit. so i stuffed my ear piece back and continued my webcast lecture. And he went "oh... can not ar.." and left.

episode 2:
later part of the afternoon, as i was mugging and listening to matt redman's song on youtube, i looked up n saw the reflection of this man standing behind me through the glass. He stood there n looked down at me n my comp for REAL long.

then finally he walked into star bucks n sat right across me and said "have you heard of this song? we love you Lord" OH MY GOODNESS random shit no. 2. but ok since maybe he could be some troubled soul, i decided to just youtube it for him. I found one by Hillsong but he said it wasn't and the next thing he did was to sing to me. OH MY GOODNESSS. weird random shit!!!!!

it was sooooooo scary!!!!!! someone random guy who come up to u and start singing a random song u hv never heard of to u.... crazy. n i told him i have never heard of it. n he asked me to search for it cos he hadnt heard in a long time.... goodness... n i was stuck w no friends to text cos he was just across me. so my only line of hope was my fren whom i'm msn-ing. n i desperately managed to type "call me NOW" to my friend before the random guy stood up n walk to my seat n knelt next to me.

FREAKED OUT. totally shaken. N my fren called me all the way from america. but i couldnt speak to him in english cos the man would understand. so i had no choice but put my limited korean to use. ARGHHHHH so i started conversing to my fren in korean (he's korean) asking him wat to do. N the guy still didnt shoo, n he tried to make other small talk. my goodness.... finally last straw. I was too shaken by him, so i said "erm, i'm on the phone w my friend now so i can't entertain you anymore". N phew fortunately with that he stood n left...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, why is it so weird today!!! n i have to run home now in case more episodes turns up. sob sob

not the 1st time hearing this song but it just blesses me each time i listen to it. n yes 3 papers down. praise God for bringing me through this pretty challenging time. praise God for the wisdom n guidance n "time-multiplying" miracle during revision and at paper.

and though japanese paper is really sucky n the situation is just so 危ない, still praise God. You made me less emo lol!

and it's so cool as i was reading the book on worship that evan gave me, the 1st chapter talks EXACTLY about the stuff that i was telling jimmy over msn. my goodness. amazing how God always affirm me of those thoughts He gave me when i am unsure. so now we know worship n service goes hand in hand. one can not do without the other. worship without love is not worship. N to love is to serve. And you cant serve without first loving n loving God brings worship naturally :))

Sunday, April 26, 2009

m-flo feat alex

nice song!!! :))

Saturday, April 25, 2009

awww... my darlings! ^^

goodness... totally unexpected turn to my otherwise deary mugging night. today was kinda hellish. paper in the morning and then the busy afternoon with cell. No time to even nap properly since i have singing duties at cell so my entire day was really burnt at cell.

only started muggin at 8 plus. rarr... n i wasnt really muggin too. watchin family outing instead cos my brian is just dead. too tired.

and then, i got a bizarre msg frm marilyn asking if i am online n at home cos she coming online... n i waited for some time n she's nt online. and then a bizarre call frm joyce askin for my address saying that she's gonna write to me...

next thing is another call frm her.... "aye... i downstairs lah. ur lift button dont work one how come? press the lift for me lah."

it's like "....." and at the same time your heart going "awwww"

haha. thankew babes!!! you guys r really my angels. so sweet lah!!! thanks for the exam welfare package. goodness. Feel sooo loved :)))

Love and respect

preparing for my gender paper tomorrow and surfing the course wiki and i stumbled upon this video.

really love the ending bits :)

a woman is really worth so much more. we're all precious in His eyes. so to all man, please learn to love and respect the women around you! :)) N beware of the shit things the media propagates!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Gift of Education

4 hours of intensive discussion n debate with my friend over the past year papers have rendered me leaking n oozing brain juice frm my ears (ok that's gruesome analogy but u get it).

haha but it's really cool. wish i can do the same with my other 2 soci mods!! realised my perspective n my friend's is so different. quite cool to go through the same course tgt and get dif mindset over things aye! shows that the prof is indeed pretty good at get us all thinking about the issues. So hope he's as good at giving us nice pretty grades!! :))) And oh yes i love academic discussions haha!

N while muggin seems to b an emo business for many, really it just make me wanna thank God more. opportunity to be educated in a good school don't come by easy. so people, uni is a priviledge n we really don't know how it feels to be deprived of it. to feel stranded in life, unable to proceed cos u lack that qualification.

n higher education aside, even basic education is a priviledge that we take for granted. Anyway, i think i really love soci. it really makes me see how knowledge can unlock your mind and see things beyond this narrow scope that u once see. N over the ups and downs, i think i have come to see the power of knowledge as well. Knowledge IS power, it empowers individuals to know what to do in situations, know your rights, know what to fight for and for whom to fight for. It liberates ur mind n enable u to break from the shackles of society cos u KNOW u ARE different (you no longer follow blindly but take the lead). As you're thinking, you are truly living! Man are reflexive creatures which makes us different from animals. Able to think and be challenged intellectually is a gift.

Opportunity to be educated is a priviledge and gift not many get n can afford. So jia you everyone. Mug hard. As u think and use your brain, you are exercising your gift as a human. As u learn, you're empowering yourself. As you empower yourself, you are now in better position to empower others who lack the chance to empower themselves.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

i should be muggin

so the sem has finally ended and all the project nonsense has ended. I SHOULD BE MUGGGING... but depsite the lack of time, i find myself youtubing.... ^^;

goodness. but oh well.... i need to try to immerse more into japanese dramas n musics to improve (kk excuses)... trying to get back that psyched up feelings that i had during sec school days when i am still an avid jpop lover.

[super addicted to this song. chemistry(not the subject but this pop duo) still rocks!!]

Glad to say, i am feeling it again, gradually. N the best part as i was watching some random japanese drama, i realised that i am starting to understand bits n pieces without subtitles. man, this is really soooo exciting. but at the same time saddening, cos unless God (oh please help me!) give me a miracle, i might not be able to continue with Japanese 3 next sem. ㅠ^ㅠ

anyway a lil thanks-giving for this sem. while project was really pretty hellish while i was at it, it also struck me on retrospect that in just one sem, I was exposed to 2 types of research methods which was all pretty interesting. The quantitative research involving gathering of primary data through surveys and the qualitative research involving the study of secondary sources (my superhero movies). ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


what a funky social scientific term for something... guess what it is? LOL

Obsessive Relational Intrusion

Thursday, April 2, 2009

*choked* help

Decided to open up my cute lil organiser to check out my exam dates expecting to see them in may only to realise 3 out of 5 of my papers are on the last week of april. *yelp*. oh my word. ARGHHHHHHHHH

i'm glad. now i know how messed up i am. even more messed up than i had thought.

time to shift gear to the highest one. hard core muggin here on now till exams.

b4 that, I'm glad i had taken time off for retail therapy after school just now. bought nothing that i had set out to cos it is just sooooo expensive. so i realised that trying on nice clothes at river island will brighten my day too. had fun mix n matching stuff in the changing room muahahahaha! (note: i dont do that when there's queue not so evil)

yes so i didnt buy that dress (pinafore rather) that i wanted... lol me n my obsession w 2 pces (is this cos of my dayds in IJ?), didnt buy that pencil skirt that i wanted awwwwww~~~~ the satin dark navy bluish mini pencil skirt.....n didnt buy the new love i spotted.

INSTEAD i bought a fedora frm f21. oh gosh. knowing full well that it will probably just be an item I own. nvm... hopefully i get to go do some gig soon n i will wear it.

ok what's left for the term:
1) Japanese oral (someone save me~~~~~ omw! whoever who thot that i had talent in picking up language. rubbish! why am i so messed up w Japanese this sem?!)
2) Japanese Skit
3) Social Psycholgy project reflection paper
4) Gender Studies Project
5) Examssssssssss........

truly madly ravingly :S

Food for thought:
just becos sirius shines so brightly, does it mean that other stars are not stars? That they are not pretty and don't adorn the velvety night sky? Rubbish.
Yes every star pale in comparison to sirius. But heck. brave the blazing flame and be diamonds! At least stars burn out but diamonds don't :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

another sign of faigue. aside of trembling hands, my digestive system seems to be messed up as well.

slept at 3 plus last night onli to wake up at mayb 5 (nt sure?)to puke. man. zonked out. but this sem is really relatively more slack than last sem. wonder where did my time all went to?

N i am tired yet not so tired too. lol. so funny.

this summer

this summer...

what i had planned for was beautiful mongolia! the pasture, the valleys, the children, the quality time spent. arghhh... but it seems that they won't materialise after all...

and so i am stuck in sunny s'pore. well, a part of me thinks it's good. i ought to save some money and not make travelling my expensive hobby. it's really a drain on the finance. but man... i really enjoy globe trotting n meeting new people. youths who are passionate and inspired.

anyway since i will be here for the summer (shall atone for my heavy spending... my lavish birthday party argh! my frequent travelling argh!!), let's hope i will use it well.

1) Vocal class
2) Keyboard class
(both hopefully to be done at believer music)
3) maybe driving class??
4) help out with my church outreach ministries
5) study the bible

Hopefully, by e end of this summer holiday, i can truly be more equipped to serve in my new ministry!!

but first yes, i NEED a job!!! vocal class= $319, kb class= $329!!! total is ARGH!!! i need the moolah..........

CAC+US concert

entire sunday was burned cos of the concert but nonetheless i am glad to be given the chance to participate and perform at it. It's really getting super addictive to sing and perform to a crowd. oh man... shucks, what can i do in the very near future? opportunities certainly don't look like they will be coming to my way. oh well, leave it in His hands. heck it.

anyway, it was a very good experience at cactus. though for some it may be pretty demoralising (n on top of it the sound system didnt work for us lol. stupid sound ppl), but for me it was really a fabulous experience to perform along many talented people. Yes the comparison between us and them is really heaven n hell (not even earth?) to be very harsh on ourselves. but man, it's a good wake up call n i really welcome every learning opportunity! the club that does the closest thg to us (live band n vox)is obviously just that one club. N man they were awesome!!

their vocalists are not just vocal powerhouse but very very excellent performer. their expression n tone of their voice carries the emotion so well. N they just have the presence on stage. their band, not just musically talented, also commands that presence. man they're just captivating to watch. guitarists all nthg to say (they hv to b good to b in that club haha!), and the drummer! man... he was so awesome. usually the drummer in a band is the most easily neglected i would say? since he's always stuck at the back of the stage n while everyone is free to move, he can't. but man... that drummer really knows how to command attention. captivating.

so to all who feel a lil down by the heaven n hell difference, it just means to work harder. and it's really an eye opening experience. love it! :D

strangely i think i enjoy this even more than emerge. probably cos the stage is ALOT bigger, the venue is ALOT more proper. the crowd is THERE and can be SEEN. I feel more confident as a performer as well. N it's just really great to b able to perform alongside so many talented ppl. N i got through the entire song pretty smoothly i think except for the soft mic. but during rehearsals, the sound system was just soooo good. man. Not yes not too many vocal performances as well. emerge is just chunk load of songs. kinda overloaded. haha no offence just my honest opinion.

N so now it's farewell to "bad boy". man... i am really missing this performance item! we had so much chemistry now. haha, our dance was even synchronise without effort!

partner and i

the "bad boy" girls