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Friday, June 25, 2010

world cup fever in UB

Just the first night in Ulan Bator and I've taken a little tour around the city square where the statue of Chinggis Khan sits and another of their national hero is, scaled the city hill to soak in the night skyline of UB and finally the highlight of the night catching the world cup at one of the city's biggest screening spot.

Thanks to the two lovely hosts we had:

And watching the world cup tonight was just so awesome and exciting and gratifying. The crowd was just so spontaneous with its loud whistling, table-drumming, and heaps of shouts and cheers. Not to forget the pints of beer and heaps of grill. It was so so good. Even watching the matches in pubs back home in Singapore simply couldn't match up.

The place where the madness begins:
The little world cup fan:

With all the wonderful activities, it really just feel so surreal to be in UB. So much like a fantasy.


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