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Sunday, May 2, 2010

US finale

All passed too fast for me to be able to update in time sadly. and in a flash the chapter of schooling and exploring the US has come to a closure.

so the mixed feelings on leaving US asides, here's the highlight of the intense 3 weeks of traveling US

In Michigan, visited the automobile museum and holocaust museum in detroit, drove up to New Berry of the Upper Peninsula to see the Tahquamenon Fall (2nd to niagara) and chilled out in this small town of untouched nature paradise.

In Minnesota visited chan ik and caught a baseball match and shopped at the Mall of America.

In LA where we visited Disneyland and caught some filming action in Hollywood.

In Vegas, acting atas (high-class) with fine hotels fine dining and catching the Peepshow and poker-facing in casinos.

Grand Canyon. Overlooking the majestic creation of God and taking the chopper for the 1st time.

And now it's bye bye US and hello Taipei. *sniff* here's a last bit of US:


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